Hi mum, How are you at 17 weeks pregnant? I hope you are well out there. Here at home, interesting things happen. The biggest change happened to my lungs, and now she’s ready to take in oxygen. The air passages in my lungs have ended their bifurcations, and I keep issuing hiccups sometimes – this time, chances are you will feel this, oh fun!

The 17th week of pregnancy is the end of the fourth month of the pregnancy journey by counting the months. And this period in which the pleasure of pregnancy is what it contains; Where the manifestations of pregnancy appear on your body due to the protrusion of your belly.

 At the same time, do not suffer much; You even enjoy the feeling that there is a fetus in your guts playing, moving, and interacting. This change requires you to completely change your lifestyle in terms of the nature of food, movement, daily routine, and so on.

 At 17 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of An AVOCADO.

17 weeks pregnant baby sizeWeight: 140g

Length: 13 cm

  • You are in the second trimester.
  • You are in the fourth month.
  • The remaining number of weeks: 23

Baby development

  • Fats for the fetus begin to form, helping to warm it up and aiding in its metabolism.
  • The lungs begin to exhale amniotic fluid.
  • The blood circulation and urinary system of the fetus are working properly.
  • There is no hair on his head. His eyebrows and eyelash hairs are starting to grow.

17 weeks pregnant baby development

  • The skeleton of the fetus changes from soft cartilage to bone.
  • The umbilical cord grows and becomes thicker.
  • The fetus’ sweat glands begin to develop.
  • The fetus can now move all its joints.

Mother development

Along with the changes occurring in your baby’s body at 17 weeks pregnant, you are bound to feel some changes in your body during pregnancy at 17 weeks pregnant. First, you will feel better in terms of morning sickness and vomiting, and secondly, you will feel less tired.

17 weeks pregnant mom

Most importantly, your belly is starting to pop! However, the size of the abdomen varies from woman to woman. Another new development in 17 weeks pregnant is that you will feel some movement inside your belly, but it hardly makes any ripples. In the upcoming months, this will naturally change.

17 weeks pregnant Belly Size

As expected, your belly size will certainly show that you are pregnant, and some stretch marks and veins around your abdomen will also appear.

Most pregnant women now start to gain some weight as the fetus has grown a little, and this weight gain may also enhance the fact that most women recover their appetite as morning sickness subsides.

17 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

We have dedicated to you, dear pregnant woman, this paragraph to explain the most important symptoms of 17 weeks pregnant and how you can get rid of them and overcome them, which include:

Nausea and fatigue

There is no doubt that the display of nausea and fatigue is one of the most annoying symptoms that may persist with some pregnant women throughout the months of pregnancy, but with varying degrees among women. here are some important tips to get rid of the symptoms of nausea and fatigue at 17 weeks pregnant:

  1. Eating some sour or salty food may reduce the feeling of nausea in a pregnant woman, such as lemon or salty biscuit, and others.
  2. Taking into account eating healthy, integrated food for a pregnant woman that contains an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients for her body to get rid of fatigue and fatigue.
  3. Not eating foods full of oils and unhealthy, which may harm a pregnant woman and increase the feeling of nausea.
  4. Avoid filling the stomach, and eating at intervals of medium quantities. The fetus does not put pressure on the stomach and intestine and make it feel sluggish and indigestion.
  5. Some herbs such as peppermint may contribute to relieving nausea facing pregnant women by drinking or smelling them.
  6. Drinking water after eating may increase the feeling of lethargy, so it is advised not to drink water immediately after eating.

Unbalance and dizziness

It may be difficult for some pregnant women in 17 weeks pregnant to stand long or feel unbalanced and stable due to the large size of the abdomen, which leads to a change in the center of gravity of your body, and to get rid of this annoying symptom, follow the following tips:

  1. Make sure to wear loafers to relieve imbalance.
  2. Be careful to stick to a wall or railing when going up or downstairs.
  3. The distance from the places where the possibility of falling is.
  4. Fasten the seat belt while the car is moving, provided it is below the belly.

The feeling of pain in the lower abdomen or back

Lower back and abdominal pain is a common occurrence among pregnant women, especially when exposed to fatigue and stress or some urine infections, and the large size of the fetus has a role in these pains. The following are the most important things you must do to overcome these pains:

  1. Taking an adequate amount of sleep and daily rest for a pregnant woman.
  2. Not walking long distances or exercising strenuous sports.
  3. Be careful of urine infections by avoiding foods and drinks that may cause it, such as citrus fruits, colas, and others.

Indigestion and digestive problems

One of the common symptoms of pregnancy in 17 weeks pregnant is that the fetus puts pressure on the internal organs of the pregnant woman due to its large size, which causes some problems such as stomach pain, constipation, or gas. there are some important tips to get rid of these problems:

  1. Make sure to drink enough water to get rid of constipation.
  2. Eating frozen foods such as ice cream has a role in relieving stomach pain when pregnant.
  3. Food containing fiber has a great role to play in relieving constipation or stomach pain, so the pregnant woman must make sure to eat it.
  4. Doing some exercises that increase intestinal activity to get rid of constipation, gas, and bloating.

Insomnia and lack of sleep

When the fetus presses on the diaphragm of the pregnant woman, it causes her to have difficulty breathing and a feeling of suffocation when stretching to sleep, so to overcome this problem, you must be careful:

  1. Not sleeping right after eating because makes breathing difficult.
  2. Sleeping on one side, especially the left, to preserve the integrity of the pregnant woman’s liver.

Increased urination times

With the growth of the fetus and the increased burden on the bladder, the number of times a pregnant woman urinates in 17 weeks pregnant increases, which causes her some embarrassment when she is outside the home, and to reduce this phenomenon. You must the following:

  1. Minimize drinking water or foods containing liquids when sleeping or leaving the house.
  2. Sleeping on one side relieves pressure on the bladder and reduces the frequency of night urination.

Feeling depressed and mood swings.

A pregnant woman may experience some volatile and moody feelings, so we see her happy and at other times sad due to the rapid hormonal changes in the pregnant woman’s body, and everyone around her must take into account the fluctuations of her mood. She must try to get rid of this depression and mood in the following ways:

  1. Doing some hobbies and busy herself with them.
  2. Get some mood-boosting exercise.
  3. Some foods can alter moods, such as chocolate and ice cream.

The sudden increase in blood pressure

Some pregnant women may experience severe headaches or sudden dizziness, which may be caused by high pressure during pregnancy, which is considered a symptom of pregnancy in 17 weeks pregnant, and to avoid this problem, the following must be followed:

  1. Make sure to eat foods that contain an adequate amount of potassium and calcium.
  2. Avoid foods that contain saturated fats and high-pressure oils, such as fried foods or salty foods.
  3. Drink enough water every day.
  4. Eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and olive oil.

Swollen feet

Some women do not bear the heaviness of the fetus and its weight gain, so heaviness and pressure occur on the legs and feet of a pregnant woman, which exposes her to foot pain, swelling, and swelling that you can notice with the eye, and to overcome this problem:

  1. The feet should be elevated above the heart.
  2. If the swelling continues, you should consult a doctor and do the necessary tests.
  3. Not sitting or standing for a long time.
  4. Take enough rest every day.

The feeling of dry eyes

A pregnant woman in 17 weeks pregnant may have dry eyes problem, and she must follow the following to face this symptom:

  1. You should take the advice of a doctor about this symptom and take appropriate treatment.
  2. Not to wear contact lenses, as they make it worse.

17 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The fetus has become much stronger, and the mother can feel the movements of the fetus more clearly. Fetal kicks are more pronounced. The doctor may recommend an ultrasound at 17 weeks pregnant to check for any developmental abnormalities.

Why should you have an ultrasound at the seventeenth week of pregnancy?

  • To check for abnormalities at birth: Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound scan for birth defects and growth abnormalities such as Down syndrome or spina bifida in the fetus.
  • Heart rate: Ultrasound is also performed to monitor the heart rate of the fetus, which ranges from 140 to 150 beats per minute, double that of an adult.
  • Growth restrictions for twins: In the case of a pregnancy with more than one fetus, an ultrasound examination is performed to ensure that the space in the uterus is sufficient for both fetuses and that the children are not delayed in growth and development due to the lack of space.
  • To examine the umbilical cord and the amount of amniotic fluid: The doctor will check the umbilical cord to ensure that it contains two arteries and one vein. The doctor also needs to make sure that the level of amniotic fluid is adequate. Low levels of amniotic fluid can have severe consequences such as miscarriage, birth defects, premature labor, stillbirth, pressure on the umbilical cord, or slow growth of the fetus.
  • To measure the size of your uterus: The technician measures the size of your uterus to make sure that pregnancy is healthy and has enough room to grow. This measurement also corresponds to the number of weeks pregnant and signals that the pregnancy is progressing normally.
  • To examine the anatomy of the fetus: An ultrasound examination of the fetus is performed at the seventeenth week also to examine the anatomy of the fetus and to ensure that all parts of the body and internal organs such as the heart, brain, stomach, spine, kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs are developing normally.
  • To determine fetal delivery date and gestational age: the birth date and gestational age are estimated in this survey.
  • To check the position of the placenta: The technician checks the position of the placenta to make sure it is not covering the opening of the cervix.

What can you see on the 17th-week ultrasound?

Here’s what you can see on your 17th-week ultrasound:

  • You can see the hair on the head of your fetus and the fine hair on the body.
  • Fetal facial features and expressions on a 3D ultrasound at the seventeenth week
  • The heart and its beat. You can also see other body parts and organs, such as the kidneys and stomach, that the technician might refer to you.
  • The technician will be able to see the genitals of the fetus and determine the sex.
  • You can see the baby’s hands and feet. You can also see all the movements the fetus makes during the scan.
  • The head of the fetus is now in harmony with the body, and this is clearly shown by examination.
  • The fetus begins to increase as a layer of fat accumulates under the skin of the fetus. You can notice that the fetus looks more straight and the newborn.
  • The eyes of the fetus are almost in their final position. The ears and the nose are in place, too. The fetus begins to hear your voice at this time and maybe frightened by squeaky sounds.
  • You can see the fetus’ spine. You can also see the bones in the baby’s arms, legs, hands, and feet.

Pregnancy Checklist at 17 Weeks Pregnant

The most important thing at this stage of your pregnancy should be to keep yourself happy and strong. Since the baby eats what you eat and feels what you feel, you must choose a healthy lifestyle that will bring you to labor successfully. Here are some helpful pointers to help you take care of your overall health during the 17 weeks pregnant.

What to do

  • Keep yourself safe.
  • Maintain healthy living conditions.
  • Stay hydrated at all times by consuming more water.
  • Eat at the right times in appropriate quantities.
  • Take medication if your doctor has prescribed certain medications or vitamins.
  • Positive thinking.
  • Do some light exercise, such as some yoga and meditation.
  • Maintain regular sleep hours and get plenty of rest throughout the day.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.

What not to do,

  • Leave yourself feeling hungry.
  • Exposure to areas with questionable health conditions.
  • Eat fast food.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • It must be ensured that it is kept stress-free to the extent possible.
  • Avoid excessive exercise.

What should you buy

Shopping at this stage of pregnancy shouldn’t be a big deal. Remember that comfort is the priority in everything you buy. Make sure to buy some comfortable cotton maternity clothes.

Don’t forget to buy some of the gentle body pillows to help you get a sound sleep. You should buy some comfortable shoes during this period, and reading motivational books is useful and helps you relax and make you feel joy. Don’t forget to add some healthy snacks in your kitchen as you may need them anytime.

Nutrition at 17 Weeks Pregnant

My dear pregnant woman, to strengthen and stabilize pregnancy and raise your immunity and your fetus’s immunity, you must eat foods that are beneficial to your health, which are rich in vitamins and minerals needed for every pregnant woman, and which can alleviate the symptoms that tire the pregnant woman and exhaustion. The most important of these foods are the following.

Carbohydrates and starches

As carbohydrates have the most prominent role in the activity and vitality of the pregnant woman and overcoming the feeling of fatigue, such as pasta, rice, potatoes, and others.


There is no doubt that protein is one of the essential elements that a pregnant woman must get daily, which works to build and restore tissues, and this element is found in many foods such as:

Red and white meats:

Examples of red meat are beef, goats, and camels, while white meats such as chicken, rabbits, and others, and all of these meats contain high levels of protein, and red meat contains the iron necessary to replace the blood that reaches the fetus.


Fish is an essential food for pregnant women because it contains protein in addition to omega-3, which is needed to build the body of the fetus and raise the pregnant woman’s immunity. She can take it in the form of a pill daily to ensure that she gets enough of this important element.


Eggs contain a set of essential elements that a pregnant woman must get daily to alleviate the trouble of the symptoms of pregnancy in the seventeenth week, as they contain protein, iron, vitamin B compounds, and other vitamins necessary for the health of the mother and the fetus.

Fruits to get vitamins

Fruits are one of the main sources rich in essential vitamins for pregnant women, in addition to fiber needed to get rid of digestive problems, and the following are the most important of these fruits:


Bananas are considered one of the fruits that reduce the high pressure of a pregnant woman because they contain potassium, which is necessary not to raise body pressure, and contain iron, which compensates the pregnant woman from the red blood cells that they lose during pregnancy. Recent studies have shown that eating fruits before eating comes back Of the greatest benefit to the body and the fetus.


Orange limits the symptoms of pregnancy in the seventeenth week related to the digestive system, as it relieves the body of a pregnant woman from constipation that annoys her because it contains sufficient amounts of fiber to get rid of this problem, not to mention the vitamin C present in it, which makes the pregnant woman more resistant to diseases and colds.


A pregnant woman must focus on calcium in her various diets in the seventeenth week, due to her essential need for it, to compensate for the lack of fetal growth and correctly build its bones, and to protect the pregnant woman from pain and osteoporosis. one of the most important foods fortified with calcium.


A pregnant woman must make sure to eat milk in the seventeenth week because it contains calcium, the protein component that must be available in the food of a pregnant woman daily.


Pregnant yogurt protects against many diseases; Like osteoporosis and digestive problems, due to the presence of beneficial bacteria inside the milk that eliminates bloating, constipation, and other things, not to mention the zinc element inside it, which helps in the growth of a strong fetus, in addition to the calcium element in yogurt.

It also contains beneficial bacteria that increase digestive enzymes. It protects the digestive system of the pregnant woman from sudden fluctuations and relieves heartburn, and yogurt contains zinc that builds the tissues of the fetus.

Beneficial fats

Beneficial fats for pregnant women are found in many foods, such as:

olive oil:

Olive oil helps build strong fetal nerves. It also limits uterine contractions, which threatens miscarriage, and protects pregnant women from diabetes.


Nuts are among the nutrients that benefit the pregnant woman and the fetus and aid in its growth, such as pistachio nuts, walnuts, and others, as they benefit the digestive system and eliminate its problems.

Bee’s honey

Honey works to strengthen the pregnant woman and raise her immunity, and protects her from many unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, fatigue, and others, in addition to preventing viral diseases. It can be used as an alternative to sugar to reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes, as it is suitable for relieving symptoms of pregnancy in the seventeenth week.

Exercises At 17 Weeks Pregnant

At 17 weeks pregnant, There are some stimulating exercises for the blood circulation of the pregnant woman, which are useful for both the pregnant woman and the fetus and are recommended by all doctors in the world. The most important of these exercises are:

  1. Hiking is not long.
  2. Some cardio exercises at home.
  3. Relaxation, yoga, and breathing exercises.

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