Dear Mom Hello,  I’m still dramatically bigger in your womb. I started getting used to the developments in my body, and I was constantly moving around in your belly. It looks like you can feel this. I apologize if this bothers you sometimes. 

Now the mother has reached 20 Weeks Pregnant, and she has begun to feel psychological stability and reassurance of the fetus’s position. The fetus’s simple heartbeat and movements have begun to represent great happiness and overwhelming feelings for her.

 At 20 Weeks Pregnant, the symptoms of pregnancy such as dizziness and nausea have completely disappeared, and the mother’s spirits are high as she prepares to receive the newborn by preparing his clothes and needs.

 At 20 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of A MANGOSTEEN.

20 weeks pregnant baby sizeWeight: 300g

Length: 25.6 cm

  • You are in the second trimester
  • You are in the fifth month
  • Remaining weeks: 20

Baby development

The baby swallows more during the twentieth week of pregnancy, which is good for his digestive system. He also produces meconium, a substance produced from digestion that is black and sticky, and this substance will accumulate in the intestine. It will be eliminated after birth when defecating, as That some babies shed meconium in the womb or during childbirth.

20 weeks pregnant baby development

Iron is especially important in the twentieth week of pregnancy, so make sure you get enough iron. These minerals are primarily used to make hemoglobin, as during pregnancy, your body needs more iron to keep up with the increased blood volume to meet the needs of the baby and the placenta.

Mother development

During 20 Weeks Pregnant, you will notice many more changes in your body than usual:

Edema: Your feet will now start to swell due to water retention in the body.

Snoring: The increase in estrogen causes the inner membrane of the nose to swell, which leads to snoring.

Pregnancy Belly Note: At week 20, people will start noticing that you are pregnant.

Faster hair and nail growth: Hormones flowing through the veins promote hair and nail growth.

Vaginal Secretions: The vagina will begin to produce greater amounts of secretions as a way to keep this area protected from harmful bacteria.

20 weeks pregnant mom

20 weeks pregnant Belly Size

By 20 Weeks Pregnant, your uterus is parallel to your navel and is about 18-24 cm in diameter. It will continue to compress about 1-2 cm every week. Because this causes stress on the joints and ligaments, your doctor may prescribe a Relaxin hormone that relieves this pressure. If you experience pelvic or uterine pain, you should notify your doctor as it may be a troubling symptom that needs attention.

20 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

Although this week it has fewer symptoms than the previous weeks of pregnancy, among the most important symptoms of the twentieth week of pregnancy are: –

Back pain

A pregnant woman suffers from the heaviness of pregnancy during the twentieth week, which affects her back and spine, so she suffers from back pain, but at first, these pains are mild and increase in the coming weeks and weight gain.


Some pregnant women suffer from heartburn during the twentieth week of pregnancy as a result of the change in hormones inside their body and the relaxation of the esophagus muscle, which helps the acid in the stomach rise to the esophagus and makes them feel very heartburn.

Breast changes

Significant changes occur in the breasts during pregnancy from its inception until the twentieth week. Some new changes occur in the breasts, which are the descent of the yellow fluid nourishing the newborn immediately after birth. Some changes occur on the nipples, which is that their color becomes dark, with the appearance of some white marks in this area.

Skin changes

Many pregnant women suffer from the appearance of some changes and pigmentation in the skin, where darkening of the skin appears and a large change in its color, but in some areas of the body and not the whole body, such as the neck and cheeks.

Bleeding gums

Some pregnant women experience gum pain and bleeding during the twentieth week of pregnancy as a result of the change in hormones and increased blood during pregnancy.

 Increased appetite

Some pregnant women notice an increase in their appetite and an increase in their desire to eat large amounts of food and drink, which is linked to their less feeling of nausea, like the previous weeks.

Fetal movement

One of the most important symptoms of the twentieth week of pregnancy, but one of the most enjoyable, longing, and loving of a pregnant woman, is the presence of a simple movement in the abdomen, which is one of the first movements of the fetus.

Stretch marks on the skin

The appearance of stretch marks in the skin as a result of changing hormones and an increase in the size of the abdomen, and these marks are a light pink color, then they turn white in the last weeks of pregnancy, but these marks do not disappear after birth.

Slight swelling of the feet and hands

Some pregnant women show some changes in the feet and hands, as they may suffer from a slight swelling in them, resulting from fluid retention in the body.

stomach bloating

A pregnant woman feels a lot of flatulence in the stomach, which is one of the main symptoms of pregnancy, which leads to indigestion, constipation, many stomach gases, discomfort, and anxiety.

Difficulty sleeping

The pregnant woman suffers from great difficulty sleeping during pregnancy as a result of the stress and anxiety that controls her, and most likely, she did not have a normal sleep as a result of her insomnia and because of lower back pain, and an increase in the size of the abdomen and its prominence and height.

20 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Your belly will be more visible at this point, and you will notice vital new movements in your womb. We hope we caught your attention now, and here’s what you need to know about your 20th-week ultrasound.

Why is an ultrasound scan at the twentieth week necessary?

There is no need for an ultrasound scan during the 20th week of pregnancy. It depends entirely on your approval and is optional. However, if you would like to know its benefits, here is the following –

  • It detects the presence of any chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Identifies signs of Down syndrome.
  • It shows the face of your fetus and its position on the placenta in detail.
  • It detects any other structural abnormalities through these tests during pregnancy.
  • The ability to prevent an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Check if you have twins or four in the womb.
  • Ultrasound can determine the sex of the fetus.

What can you see on the 20-week ultrasound?

On an ultrasound, you can see the development of the fetus and its organs, including the heart and bones. You will also notice whether the fetus is in the correct position in the placenta, not obstructing the birth canal and confirming whether you have a newborn or twins in your womb.

An ultrasound scan mainly reveals the structural development of your fetus. The scan images will show the face and hands of your fetus. The white areas in the images represent the bones, while the gray areas are represented as the developing tissues, while the black color represents the amniotic fluid.

Can a 20th-week ultrasound reveal all abnormalities?

No. An ultrasound examination at the twentieth week cannot reveal all possible abnormalities. It confirms whether the pregnancy was ectopic and whether or not the fetus had a structural or chromosomal defect. Your fetus may develop complications and abnormalities later during breastfeeding, and an ultrasound test is just a checkpoint in pregnancy. Think of it as a milestone in your womb.

Pregnancy Checklist at 20 Weeks Pregnant

There are some things you can do and some things you should avoid during the twentieth week of pregnancy:

What to do

  • Tilt your pelvis back and forth regularly to relieve any pain. If the pain is severe, try pressing the pelvis forward for a few seconds and repeat the process several times a day.
  • Make sure your already swollen feet won’t suffer from pain by wearing comfortable, flat shoes. Avoid high heels or any shoes that are too narrow.
  • Visit a physical therapist regularly, as he suggests some relaxing exercises and help you manage the back, rib, or pelvic pain that comes with pregnancy.

What not to do

  • Under no circumstances should you lift heavy objects, and if you must, raise them while bending your knees.
  • Do not stand on one leg more than the other. Support your back by using your abdominal muscles and stand straight.
  • Try not to sit without your back supported with a pillow.

What should you buy

At 20 Weeks Pregnant, it is time to shop for baby carriers that you can hold your little one with. It’s also a good idea to start looking for some stylish maternity dresses for your changing body. Sign up for prenatal classes to help learn how to care for your baby at the moment, as good classes tend to have a long waiting list.

Nutrition at 20 Weeks Pregnant

Some foods help a pregnant woman relieve the symptoms of 20 Weeks Pregnant, and these foods play a big role in reducing these symptoms and their severity, including: –

  • Foods rich in carbohydrates and do not contain saturated fats are healthy foods that help reduce the feeling of nausea and are used to calm the stomach.
  • Ginger drink is a wonderful and very useful drink for pregnant women, which helps stomach comfort and a sense of calm.
  • Foods rich in vitamin B6, such as chickpeas, potatoes, watermelon, and bananas, are important foods that are useful for stomach comfort and nausea prevention. It is one of the symptoms of pregnancy in the twentieth week.
  • Peanut butter is one of the foods with great taste and very useful and rich in protein, and it contributes to eliminating the symptoms of the twentieth week of pregnancy.

Exercises At 20 Weeks Pregnant

At 20 Weeks Pregnant, There are some exercises that a pregnant woman should practice to alleviate the symptoms of the twentieth week of pregnancy and to preserve her health and the health of the fetus and be able to have an easy delivery in safety and security, including: –

Walking sport

It is one of the most important easy exercise exercises and has a positive effect on the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. It gives the pregnant woman a sense of happiness and activity and works to increase blood circulation in the body and alleviate the symptoms of the twentieth week of pregnancy.


Yoga and relaxation exercises are very useful in getting rid of depression and anxiety for a pregnant woman and feeling relaxed and at ease and helping her prevent some symptoms of pregnancy.


One of the most important sports that help alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy is swimming or water games. It is one of the wonderful and useful sports for pregnant women, as it increases the flexibility of the body, blood flow and increases blood circulation in the body. Swimming is completely safe during the first months of pregnancy, but the duration of exercise should not be more than half an hour.

Bike riding

Stationary bike exercises, which are easy and enjoyable exercises at the same time, help to strengthen the legs and increase blood flow in them and help to increase the building of muscle mass in them, increase their endurance and prevent varicose veins.


It is one of the most important exercises for pregnant women to relieve lower back pain, and it is practiced about ten minutes a week to alleviate the symptoms of the twentieth week of pregnancy.

Weight lifting

It is one of the important sports for a pregnant woman, and the pregnant woman raises some light weights so that she gets used to increasing the weight of the pregnancy inside her and can withstand back pain and strengthen her endurance.


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