Hi mum,  Things are very exciting here in the womb. At 21 Weeks Pregnant, the most important organs in my small body are now developed and working independently in preparation for life outside. 

And by the way, I enjoy it when you eat delicious, nutritious food. At this point, the digestive system started to function, and I began to taste a little of what you were eating. This affects the headwater around me. I also suck small servings of sugar from my headwater, and this taste gets my digestive system used to work.

 At 21 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of AN ORANGE

21 weeks pregnant baby sizeWeight: 360g

Length: 26.7 cm

  • You are in the second trimester
  • You are in the fifth month
  • The remaining number of weeks: 19

Baby development

During 21 Weeks Pregnant, you will be able to feel the strong movements of your baby and the kicks that are visible on your stomach.

21 weeks pregnant baby development

Another amazing development in the twenty-first week of pregnancy is your baby’s eyebrows and his eyelids as well, and if you were to fall for a girl, the vagina would have begun to form.

Mother development

During the 21st week of pregnancy, some changes in the body should be expected:

Varicose veins:

As your baby gets bigger, the veins in your legs face more and more pressure. This is made worse by the levels of the hormone progesterone in your blood, which leads to varicose veins.

Stretch marks:

Your belly, hips, and buttocks will begin to bear the brunt of your womb during pregnancy. These stretch marks appear as dark streaks caused by the tearing of the supportive tissue beneath the skin. The lighter your skin tone, the higher your chance of getting it. These signs do not usually go away after birth, but they become less noticeable.

Spider veins:

Small veins with a circular pattern may appear as tree branches on the feet, hands, or face. Fortunately, they usually disappear after birth.

21 weeks pregnant mom

More acne:

The high hormonal flow through your body will disrupt the oil levels in your skin, which will lead to acne. However, do not use oral acne medications or topical ointments as they may cause complications in pregnancy.

21 weeks pregnant Belly Size

It has now been 21 weeks of your baby’s pregnancy, and it will put pressure on your entire body. As the abdomen continues to grow, you may find that the navel may disappear or appear at times.

You will gain about 5-6 kg heavier than normal. This includes the increase in the weight of the baby, the amniotic fluid, the placenta, the uterus, an increase in blood and other fluids, the storage of fat and protein in the breasts, and you can maintain healthy uterine and pelvic muscles by doing Kegel exercises.

21 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

The symptoms that you will experience during the twenty-first week of pregnancy may indicate how you will feel during the last trimester in general, and some of them include:

Braxton Hicks contractions: These are the contractions that your body experiences even before labor as a form of mimicking the real event of childbirth. If these contractions cause discomfort, call your doctor right away.

Secretions from the breast: Milk or yellowish colostrum is leaking from your breasts because the milk ducts are fully functional at this stage. However, this is not painful and may be embarrassing, so carry some tissues or wipes with you.

Irritated skin: Your stretched-out skin tends to become drier than normal, and it may get chapped. Generous use of moisturizers can easily solve this problem.

Leg cramps: This is a very common symptom that is likely to occur because your legs are now carrying more weight than usual. Do some exercise or get a relaxing massage.

Inflamed gums: The gums will be more sensitive than usual, so be sure to brush your teeth gently.

21 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If you take an ultrasound test in mid-pregnancy this week, you will be able to see the fine details of your baby’s body, such as the heart chambers and the two different hemispheres. Details of your baby’s limbs, apparatus, and hair will also be visible. You can also find out the gender of the baby at this stage.

Pregnancy Checklist at 21 Weeks Pregnant

You may need to know how to deal with the most common problems like heartburn, hemorrhoids, back pain, etc. Visit your doctor regularly to learn more about what you can do to protect yourself and your baby.

What to do,

Keep your leg muscles stretched and relaxed to avoid cramps. If needed, see a physical therapist for help.

Talk or sing to your child for at least a few hours every day. The child will learn to recognize your voice and become accustomed to it. Playing music will also help the baby to relax better.

What not to do,

Don’t forget to exercise regularly, sleep on the left side of your body and keep your lower limbs supported.

It is highly recommended that pregnant women be vaccinated against whooping cough at this stage, so do not forget to ask your doctor for more advice about this.

What should you buy,

The most important thing for you at this point is to spend some money on maternity clothes. These clothes should be comfortable and practical for women in the middle of pregnancy. There are many online stores to choose from. It might also be a good idea to invest in some pregnancy books, nursing bras, and accessories for your baby’s room.

Nutrition at 21 Weeks Pregnant

Healthy food is one of the most important factors that help you pass safely through the pregnancy period so that you give birth to a healthy baby without losing vitamins from your body and maintain your health and the fetus’s health during the onset of pregnancy symptoms in the twenty-first week. You must eat the following:

  1.   Foods that contain protein and fiber:

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus needs protein-containing foods; For normal tissue building and brain development. It is also necessary for the mother; To overcome the symptoms of pregnancy in the twenty-first week or some of them. It helps prepare the breasts for breastfeeding and helps relieve nausea that may extend to some women from the first pregnancy.

It is preferable to eat at least 70 to 100 grams of protein daily, and you can get protein from:

  • eggs.
  • Seafood that does not contain much mercury.
  • White and red meat.
  • Legumes.
  • Peas.

It is also better for pregnant women to eat foods rich in fiber. To avoid or treat constipation as a symptom of pregnancy in the twenty-first week and from foods rich in fiber:

  • Leafy vegetables.
  • Broccoli
  • Oats. You can mix it with honey, barley, and whole grains.
  • Fruits such as oranges and kiwi. 

  1.   Foods rich in iron, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium:

Iron-rich foods are among the most important foods that you should take care of as soon as the symptoms of pregnancy appear in the twenty-first week. As soon as you enter the second trimester of pregnancy in general, iron helps in fighting anemia and transporting oxygen to the cells of the body through red blood cells. 

Since its deficiency in the body during pregnancy leads to exposure to labor pains and premature labor, it is sufficient to get at least 27 mg per day, and you can get iron from:

  • Leafy greens, such as parsley, watercress, lettuce, and spinach.
  • Nuts, such as peanuts, cashews, almonds, and walnuts.
  • Oatmeal and breakfast cereal.
  • Green Beans.

It is preferable to eat foods that contain vitamin C, such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, and colored peppers, along with foods that contain iron. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron.

The advice to eat foods containing folic acid is not limited to the first months of pregnancy, but rather to continue eating them. As folic acid protects against the possibility of premature birth that may occur in the second trimester of pregnancy, examples of which are:

  • Leafy greens like watercress, kale, and spinach.
  • Beans and peas, the main of which are lentils; Rich in folic acid.
  • Beef liver.
  • Beets.

Calcium also has an important role in building the child’s teeth, as well as the mother’s benefit in maintaining strong bones, but do not eat foods that contain iron with foods that contain calcium, as it impedes the absorption of iron in the body, and among these foods:

  • Milk and dairy products.
  • Seeds like sesame, chickpeas, and Syrian pulp.
  • Fig.
  • Cauliflower.

Exercises At 21 Weeks Pregnant

To relieve lower back pain that will intensify at 21 Weeks Pregnant and increase with time, I advise you, dear expectant mother, not to stand too much; You can also do exercises to tighten the back muscles specific for the period of pregnancy.


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