Hello dear mom, Since you have reached 22 Weeks Pregnant during your pregnancy, you are on the cusp of the sixth month. This is considered the beginning of the end of the comfortable period of pregnancy; With the advent of the seventh month, a lot will change.

You will not believe … Distinctive things happen in the womb. It is the stage in which the body makes testicles if you are a boy or a vagina if you are a girl. So I have a gender identity now.

But as long as you are still at the start of this month, even now, you are completely enjoying your pregnancy. Like other weeks of pregnancy, many changes occur at 22 Weeks Pregnant, both for the fetus and the mother. Accordingly, it must be fully prepared to deal with and accept these changes.

At 22 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of A CAULIFLOWER

22 weeks pregnant baby sizeWeight: 430g

Length: 27.8 cm


  • You are in the second trimester
  • You are in the sixth month
  • The remaining number of weeks: 18

Baby development

In the twenty-second week of pregnancy, the fetus is more like a newborn but with a slightly smaller size because the body fat has not yet appeared.

  • A baby’s lips, eyelids, and eyebrows become more visible at 22 Weeks Pregnant, and his eyes are already formed, but the pigment of the iris of the eye (the colored part of the eye) has not yet formed.
  • The baby’s body covers fine hair (lanugo) and deep wrinkles on the skin at the twenty-second week of pregnancy.

22 weeks pregnant baby development

  • The pancreas is constantly developing at this stage, and the pancreas is an essential organ for the production of some important hormones in the child.
  • Your baby’s muscles are getting stronger every week now, and your baby will move a lot and respond to the sound, rhythm, and melody, so if you are singing and talking to your baby, then your voice may calm him.

Mother development

After 22 weeks of carrying your baby everywhere you go, you will experience some new body changes during pregnancy this week:

Hair change: Your head hair appears thicker and shinier. This is because you lose less hair during pregnancy due to all the hormones circulating in your body. On a similar note, you will see an increase in your body hair due to the small amounts of male sex hormones (testosterone) that your body is now producing. You will see these hair mostly on your face, stomach, limbs, chest, and back.

A change in complexion: Some pregnant women find that their skin is glowing and bright, while others develop inflamed skin and acne appears on it. Occasionally, an increase in melanin levels can lead to dark spots on your face. Using sunscreen or, better yet, avoiding the sun completely is the best solution to this problem.

Stretch Marks: Another persistent problem is stretch marks caused by your expanding belly. You can do very little about these signs, except perhaps using some sedative painkiller if the itching is too much.

Change in nails: Nails, like hair, grow faster during pregnancy, but whether they are hard, smooth, rough, or brittle depends on your body.

22 weeks pregnant mom

A change in the breast: You will notice that your nipples and splinters are larger and darker than ever before. They may also have some small wrinkles. This is caused by the oil glands that produce an antibacterial lubricant to protect your nipples from cracking when you start breastfeeding.

Change in feet: Your increased foot size due to edema or just swelling due to water retention. This can also be caused by the production of Relaxin, the hormone that aims to relax the joints.

22 weeks pregnant Belly Size

In the twenty-second week of pregnancy, your belly will be about 25 cm from top to bottom. Now is the time for you to start eating for two. However, most experts advise eating no more than 300 extra calories each day. It’s also healthy to eat smaller but more frequent meals while keeping your energy level high and levels of indigestion and constipation low.

22 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

This week, you will experience the same symptoms that you have experienced during the past two weeks, during the mid-second trimester.

Indigestion: One of the most common symptoms, it exacerbates the effects of severe birthmarks in pregnancy, especially if you want to include spices and oil in your snacks in the middle of the night.

Constipation: This may be caused by the growth of your little one and pressure on the large intestine, making it difficult to pass stool.

Cramps: You may find yourself experiencing seizures, especially in your legs. This is most likely due to a lack of minerals in your diet. Ask your doctor about taking and prescribing some vitamins that may help overcome this.

Increase in abdomen size: Your stomach will be much bigger now. The most common symptom associated with this is a protruding navel, which will return to normal after birth.

Extreme laziness: You will feel lazy or more tired than usual. This is due to the pressure the blood vessels exert on the brain by the womb, and it may cause you to feel drooping or dizzy.

Increased Sexual Desire: As unexpected as your hormones flutter, your libido will get a big boost.

Discharge from the vagina: As blood flows through the lower areas, you will be producing more fluid than usual. However, this is completely normal and guarantees vaginal health away from infections and bacteria.

Back pain: Now, the effects of bearing all this extra weight and feeling the pressure of your child on your spine begin to be felt. Getting some time for a massage will help.

22 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

A pregnant woman at the 22nd week should have a late organ scanning examination along with an ultrasound scan.

Many women are satisfied with the examination of early organ scans only. Still, the ultrasound examination is especially important in knowing whether the fetus suffers from birth defects or not.

Pregnancy Checklist at 22 Weeks Pregnant

You can keep the following in mind during 22 Weeks Pregnant to take care of yourself.

What to do,

  • With pregnancy visible through week 22, you’ll have a lot more people commenting on your radiance and freshness and more people wanting to touch your belly to feel the little bit growing inside of you. You may find it comfortable or not, and it is best to tell everyone that you need your personal space and that letting strangers invade it is unacceptable.
  • Keep blood sugar high to avoid feeling tired; Bring a range of healthy foods to eat during and throughout the day.

What not to do,

  • Also, watch for Braxton Hicks contractions, which feel like contractions in the womb. Do not worry as it is harmless but if it lasts for a long time, contact your doctor immediately.
  • This can’t be stressed enough: don’t worry! A lot is going on in your life; You don’t need to add anxiety to that list. If you’re feeling upset or uncomfortable, take a break, relax, watch TV, meet friends, or cuddle with your partner.

What should you buy,

With your feet swollen quickly, one of the important things buying them is comfortable shoes. Maternity dresses and bras are also still on the table due to increased body size. Stock up on moisturizers for your chapped skin, as well as vitamins to accompany pregnancy and childbirth to keep you and your baby healthy.

Nutrition at 22 Weeks Pregnant

Water: Drinking water constantly is an essential part of our life. Regardless of the state of health, the lack of fluid in the body increases the feeling of nausea, so we recommend drinking water continuously throughout the day to avoid symptoms of pregnancy in the twenty-second week as possible.

Bananas: Bananas relieve nausea and dehydration symptoms because they contain large amounts of potassium, and it is one of the best soothing fruits for the digestive system and stomach.

Nuts: When a pregnant woman feels nauseous, her body needs more protein, and nuts are the best that can be eaten to give the body the energy it needs and increase the protein content in it.

Peppermint: A pregnant woman can chew mint leaves or boil them, as mint is sufficient to relieve the effects of nausea and subside as soon as possible.

Chocolate: We recommend eating a piece of dark chocolate daily to calm the stomach and get rid of the symptoms of nausea.

Crunchy chips: The crunchy chips contain a large amount of starch that helps calm the stomach, and they are salty biscuits and toast. We recommend eating it daily in the morning to get rid of the feeling of nausea.

Citrus fruits: We recommend eating lemon or orange constantly to relieve symptoms of pregnancy in the 21th week.

Exercises At 22 Weeks Pregnant

Exercising during pregnancy makes childbirth easier and reduces the risk of back pain and weight gain that many women are exposed to after childbirth. The exercises that can be practiced to relieve symptoms of pregnancy in the twenty-second week are:

Squat exercise: This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back, and pelvis, which facilitates the opening of the pelvis during the period of childbirth.

The plank exercise: one of the safest exercises during pregnancy, as it strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen, and arms, sleep on your stomach with the knees and elbows straight and the body straight, and keep performing the exercise daily for as long as possible.

Fast walking: Walking is a simple sport that a pregnant woman can do without much effort, and we recommend that you practice walking daily by wearing appropriate shoes and on a straight path.


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