Hello dear mom, We reached 24 weeks pregnant, I am glad to tell you that my inner ear has ended its development! What’s so amazing about this? Am I now connected with my body inside the womb and feel my movement if I turn or turn around? I know what it means to be on the top or the bottom.

The 24th week of pregnancy is very important for the mother, as she should, from its beginning, go to the attending physician to find out how her body deals with glucose and how can she deal with gestational diabetes if she has it?

The mother continues her frailty day after day while the fetus continues to grow as it has become a small human being who makes disturbing movements inside his mother’s womb and draws a mixture of distinctive expressions on his face due to the development of the nervous system.

At 24 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of AN ARTICHOKE

24 weeks pregnant baby sizeWeight:600g

Length: 30 cm 

  • You are in the second trimester
  • You are in the sixth month
  • The remaining number of weeks: 16 

Baby development

  • Your baby’s sleep and waking patterns at this stage become a bit regular, and you’ll often find him awake and moving around while you try to fall asleep.
  • A baby’s brain grows rapidly around 24 Weeks Pregnant, and taste buds continue to develop.
  • As a whole, the lungs and respiratory system are developing in 24 Weeks Pregnant, ready for breathing after birth.
  • The baby’s skin is thin and translucent, but it will soon start to change.

24 weeks pregnant baby development

  • White blood cells start forming at this stage, and these cells help fight disease and infection.
  • Baby’s facial muscles move in an amazing development, drawing different expressions by raising the eyebrows. Although the baby at this stage still needs a lot of growth before birth, if there is premature birth, he will have a good chance of survival because his lungs have developed enough, but he will need extra care in a neonatal nursery.

Mother development

The many physical changes during pregnancy that you will witness as you enter the 24th week will make you feel anxious, but be patient, and you will get over these symptoms as well in time.

The area around the abdomen and breasts will become dry and itchy as the skin expands across it. You will feel that there is some narrowing in the uterus as well due to the Braxton Hicks contractions that every pregnant woman experiences during this period.

24 weeks pregnant mom

24 weeks pregnant Belly Size

During 24 Weeks Pregnant, you’ll feel your kicks a little stronger and clearer than before. Your partner can also feel the baby move and kick inside your belly. You will have to control weight gain during this period to ensure a healthy pregnancy. However, gaining 6-7 kg by the 24th week is normal. It is sudden weight gain for two weeks or less that should concern you and should be notified to your doctor.

24 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

Symptoms of pregnancy vary in the twenty-fourth week to include many changes that a pregnant woman undergoes, which are natural changes such as:

  1. Weight gain: The weight gain in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy is more significant due to the hormonal changes that a pregnant woman has at that stage.
  1. The inactivity of the digestive system: It is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy in the twenty-fourth week that appears on a woman, resulting in metabolic problems due to the increase in the size of the fetus, which puts pressure on the stomach, which leads to problems in digesting food.
  1. The problem of constipation occurs during that period due to the dependence of a pregnant woman during that period on consuming iron, which causes constipation and the lack of water intake during that period.
  1. Frequency of urination process: Frequent urination throughout the day due to the increased pressure of the fetus on the bladder and is an apparent problem for many of the most important symptoms of pregnancy in the twenty-fourth week and increases with the increase in pregnancy.
  1. Feeling of muscle cramps: Muscle cramps are caused by calcium deficiency, which indirectly affects muscle contraction, and it is a symptom of pregnancy in the twenty-fourth week that increases with time and is treated with dietary supplements containing calcium.
  1. Anemia: pregnancy symptoms may develop in the twenty-fourth week to reach a pregnant woman’s feeling of fatigue and shortness of breath, or the pregnant woman may enter into fainting spells, and this is often due to a lack of hemoglobin due to the large size of the fetus and its need for many elements, and the pregnant woman must eat food Containing iron and vitamins necessary for her and the fetus.
  1. Dryness of the skin around the abdomen: the area around the abdomen and breast is exposed to dryness and a feeling of itching in the skin from time to time due to the stretching of the skin with the increasing size of the fetus, which is a normal symptom in this week.
  1. Tightness in the uterus: some narrowing occurs in the uterus, which is one of the common changes in the body due to Braxton Hicks contractions, which accompany a pregnant woman at that stage of pregnancy.
  1. Back pain: back pain increases with the increase in the size of the fetus in the twenty-fourth week, as the enlargement of the uterus works on the arching of the back, which makes the pregnant woman feel some pain, which increases with the weight of the fetus and the passage of the months of pregnancy.
  1. Swelling of the feet: It may result from leakage of fluid from the cells due to the problem of the pressure of the fetus on the kidneys, which increases the appearance of albumin in the urine, which is the protein that helps maintain the osmotic pressure of the cells.

24 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Around this time of pregnancy, your doctor will suggest an ultrasound test, and you will see how fats have begun to build up in the fetus, making your baby’s skin opaque. The internal organs and blood vessels are no longer visible due to this. Additionally, an oral glucose tolerance test or glucose screening test will also be prescribed to check for gestational diabetes caused by elevated pregnancy hormones levels.

Pregnancy Checklist at 24 Weeks Pregnant

What to do,

  • To reduce swelling in the feet, keep them at a high level while sitting.
  • Create a light exercise routine such as walking for a short time to maintain good posture and back pain.
  • Use eye drops for itchy and dry eyes after consulting your doctor.

What not to do,

  • Do not use stretching creams, hair color, or skin moisturizers before consulting with your doctor.
  • Do not sleep on your back for long periods, as this may restrict blood flow to the placenta.

What should you buy,

As you enter your 24th week of pregnancy, there are a few things you should start shopping for. Pregnant and maternity clothes should be at the top of your shopping list now because your big belly might not fit in old dresses and pants. Try color-filled dresses for your burgeoning body look or a blouse top for comfort and elegance.

Bring home earplugs and eye patches as these will help you sleep better and wake up feeling comfortable. If you plan a baby’s room, start getting things done practically and steadily (it is very common to buy a lot of money that babies might need in this period), and gradually decorate the room.

Nutrition at 24 Weeks Pregnant

Many women are looking for foods that should be eaten from the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy until the end of pregnancy to help them go through a safe phase. Therefore it is necessary to eat foods that help relieve symptoms of pregnancy in the sixth month, namely: 

  1. Food rich in fiber: Food rich in fiber helps a pregnant woman to overcome the problem of constipation, and these foods are fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  1. Drinking fluids: Drinking water often helps a pregnant woman overcome the problem of constipation.
  1. Eating foods rich in iron and vitamins: Eating foods containing iron in abundance helps women overcome some pregnancy symptoms in the twenty-fourth week, especially anemia and muscle spasms, and vitamins and minerals provide the body with the vitality necessary for it, such as beets. It contains iron and many minerals and vitamins necessary for pregnant women, as it contains fibers that treat the problem of constipation significantly.
  1. Eating foods containing magnesium: Foods containing magnesium work to reduce muscle spasms that occur to a pregnant woman during that period, which is one of the pregnancy symptoms in the twenty-fourth week. Magnesium is present in dark leafy vegetables in abundance.
  1. Food containing calcium: Foods containing calcium help the pregnant woman compensate for the loss resulting from the fetus’s absorption of calcium. The lack of calcium in a pregnant woman at that stage is a normal stage of pregnancy symptoms in the twenty-fourth week, which is compensated by taking calcium under medical supervision.

Exercises At 24 Weeks Pregnant

Walking exercise is one of the best exercises that help reduce pregnancy symptoms in the twenty-fourth week. It is one of the best exercises that reduce the problem of overweight a pregnant woman and reduce the problem of mental and mood disorders in that period and leads to greatly improving mood.

Leg exercise A pregnant woman in the sixth month can do light exercises to strengthen the leg and backbones, preferably before passing that period in the sixth month without feeling the pain of the leg or back muscles.

Yoga exercises help a pregnant woman relax, calm and pass through a good psychological stage.

You should avoid strenuous exercise or carrying heavyweights, which puts a woman at risk of premature labor.

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