Mama, what’s new? You are 3 Weeks Pregnant; the truth is, you have a lot of renovations – me! But you don’t know that. At this stage, three weeks of pregnancy, you are still in the “fertilized egg” phase, one cell multiplying itself at a tremendous speed every 12 hours as I move down into your uterus.

I now have the genetic material I need my entire life – of 23 pairs of chromosomes, half are from you, and the other half are from Baba. Yes, I specified this article if I were your child, but there is still time for me to share this information with you.

At 3 weeks, Your baby is about the size of a Green Pea. 

  • 3 weeks pregnant sizeYou are in the first trimester.
  • You are in the first month.
  • The remaining weeks : 37

Baby development

At the beginning of the three week, the cells inside the fertilized egg arrange themselves in groups so that the inner mass of cells in it becomes your baby, dear; While the amniotic sac is formed from the outer cells and the placenta.

The fetus’s size at 3 weeks pregnant is 1 to 1.5 mm, and this size doubles daily. And because your baby is growing up so fast, he needs huge amounts of folic acid.


Your fetus’s heart, brain, spinal cord, back vertebrae, nervous system, eyes, and ears begin to form. With the onset of the fetal heartbeat, it begins to beat, and its beats are still slow, at a rate of 40 beats per minute.

And because the umbilical cord and placenta are not yet fully developed, the fetus is feeding on the nutrients in the vibrant uterine membrane at 3 weeks pregnant.

Mother development

As soon as pregnancy occurs, some physiological and psychological changes occur in the woman, which doctors consider symptoms rather than diseases. Once the pregnancy period is over, they disappear completely and disappear as if nothing had happened.

You may be anxious to see yourself change, but at three weeks pregnant, a belly is simply not a thing yet. Though you may feel bloated, most women do not show their pregnancy till about week 12 or later, so you still have a long way to go.

3 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

Early pregnancy signs do not appear most of the time, and you may not feel them, as the body produces the pregnancy hormones during that period . You may not have very high levels of them, but there are some mild signs and symptoms, which appear in the 3rd week, and are evident in the weeks that Followed by, such as:

  • Bleeding: At this week, some spots appear as a result of stimulation of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus, and this indicates that there is already a fetus, but it has developed formation.
  • Morning sickness: When pregnancy hormones begin to rise in their levels in your body, they may express themselves inside your body with your feeling of nausea at any time of the day, and you have a feeling awful to the point of vomiting, and perhaps this sign is the most prominent symptom of pregnancy, which appears in the first weeks or cravings.
  • Increased levels of pregnancy hormones: It is too early to know the type or size of the fetus, or if it is a twin or not, but the increased levels of pregnancy hormones at 3 weeks pregnant indicates the possibility of conceiving twins.
  • Missed time: Which enables you to discover your pregnancy, especially if your menstrual cycle has a maximum period of 28 days, and to be sure, taking a pregnancy test helps you to find out.

After taking a home pregnancy test and making sure of it, you will be more excited to watch the difference in your body, such as the difference in the abdomen’s size. Still, in the 3rd week of pregnancy, your abdomen may be slightly swollen unnoticed, as the abdomen does not begin to bulge and protrude, when most Pregnant women, until after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

3 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At the first three weeks, your baby will have a tiny fertilized egg called Morula and the size of a grain of salt. During this period, It is also in motion, and therefore difficult to detect during an ultrasound.

By the fourth week, though, you may be able to see a thicker endometrium confirming that the baby Morula has reached its destination and is safe and sound in the womb for the next nine months.

Pregnancy Checklist at Three Weeks Pregnant

The first and most important piece of advice for the 3rd week is to reach out to a healthcare provider you like and trust. This person will play a major role during pregnancy, so the sooner you choose one, the better.

And if you feel comfortable having a midwife or family doctor to advise you during pregnancy weeks, so be it. Here are a few things you need to do and what you should not do that you may need to keep in mind during the third week.

What to do by this week

  • Pay attention to your body at this period and look for early signs of pregnancy.
  • Get an at-home pregnancy test kit.
  • Eat healthy food while supplementing with folic acid in your daily diet.
  • Eat five portions of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Go ahead and get pregnant and prenatal vitamin supplements with folic acid.

What you should refrain from at 3 weeks pregnant

  • Avoid these foods and fast food.
  • Quit smoking, drinking, or using drugs.
  • No shopping at this moment for clothes. Your current clothes will suit you for the next few weeks.
  • Do not exert yourself at home or work, especially at this period, as this may stunt your child’s growth.
  • Consult your doctor and avoid taking any kind of medication.

What you need to shop for

  • Keep your shopping needs in Week 3 simple and easy. If you haven’t bought one yet, buy a book about pregnancy. Buy home pregnancy tests because they will be helpful soon.
  • Add to your shopping list a comfortable cotton bra to relieve pain in your breasts. This is all you need for then and for several more weeks into your pregnancy.

Nutrition At 3 Weeks Pregnant

Before you start eating for two, stop and listen to what the doctors have to say. According to doctors, a pregnant woman should gain 1 to 2 kilograms in the entire first trimester. So, stand back and don’t indulge in overeating. 

Continue to eat a healthy and wholesome meal with your daily intake of prenatal vitamins, including folic acid. Here are some diet tips for the first three weeks of pregnancy.

Folic acid is part of a healthy diet for pregnant women. So the sooner you start taking it, the better. Whole grains and leafy vegetables are rich in Folate. Therefore, make sure to include them in your daily diet. And for extra insurance, please do not hesitate to take a folic acid supplement by this week.

Avoid fast food as much as possible. Reduce your intake of excess sugar and white flour in any form. Eliminate saturated fats from your diet and replace them with salads and grilled meats instead of deep-fried chips. Fast food, especially fats, increases the risk of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy weeks. Therefore, it is best to abstain from all kinds of foods and fast food.

Your diet during first pregnancy weeks should include plenty of leafy greens and fruits such as apricots, carrots, mangoes, etc., and delicious, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Make sure to eat and stay healthy for the sake of the little angel that grows inside of you.

Skipping a meal and rushing into it is a major prohibited. Enjoy your meals and start eating a healthy meal three times a day. This habit will take you to good health and ensure a steady supply of nutrients for your baby throughout pregnancy weeks and even beyond.

You should check your eating habits and seek help if you have an eating disorder. You must seek help from a dietitian before it is too late.

Exercises At 3 Weeks Pregnant

Physical exercise is highly recommended at this stage of pregnancy. If you are in the habit of exercising – there is no need to change your exercise routine.

If you want to start only now, ask your doctor before starting a new activity. Among the activities recommended during this week of pregnancy: walking, swimming, and moderate outdoor activity.

Advice for Partners At 3 weeks pregnant

Now is a good time for partners to encourage better lifestyle choices by participating in them. Talk to your significant other about healthy meal choices and prepare them. Get fresh air, take a walk, and spend time engaging in physical activities you both enjoy.

Together, stay away from drinking and other harmful substances. Making good choices and sticking to the changes is easier when you support and encourage each other.

FAQs about Three weeks pregnant

I’m 3 Weeks Pregnant. How big is my baby?

During this week, the fertilized egg implants itself safely in the endometrium and begins to grow with the blood and oxygen it receives through the endometrial blood vessels. While the growth itself is interesting, the baby’s size in the first 3 weeks of pregnancy is minimal. In numbers and sizes, the baby is 0.0 inches long and 0.0 gm in weight.

What About Twins at first 3 weeks pregnant?

During week three, one baby can become two. Identical twins can come from the same egg and sperm with the same genetic material, and the fertilized egg can split into two identical cells. However, it is usually within the first week after conception.

Fraternal twins are another possibility this week. Fraternal twins are twice-fertilized zygotes formed when you release two eggs during ovulation and use one from each sperm.


At the period of three weeks pregnant is described as an implantation week of pregnancy. A lot is going in the womb and your baby is growing at a very fast pace. After conception the fertilized egg is known as a blastocyst. The blastocyst is actually a very tiny ball which will turn out to be your baby after 9 months of care and nurturing. This ball consists of cells in hundreds of numbers and gets implanted in your uterus after moving from the Fallopian tube where your ovary had met its sperm. Now, by this week,  your uterus will be the permanent residence of the blastocyst till its ready to come out in this beautiful world.

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