Hi mum, We reached 31 weeks pregnant, Congratulations.  I can’t believe I could develop this far, but now I have new connections in the brain that allow all of my body’s systems to work in coordination. What does that mean? For example, I am now turning on all five of my senses.

A new phase of pregnancy begins when reaching the eighth month, especially at 31 Weeks Pregnant. Several physical and hormonal changes occur to the mother and predict them about the approaching date of birth, including labor pains and the emergence of uterine secretions.

At 31 Weeks Pregnant, All these changes occur to prepare for the birth date while it does not happen. The fetus has many changes this week after the growth of many of its body parts, including the heart, lungs, and brain.

At 31 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of A DURIAN

31 weeks pregnant baby sizeWeight:1500g

Length: 41.1 cm


  • You are in the third trimester.
  • You are in the eighth month.
  • The remaining number of weeks: 9

Baby development

  • At 31 Weeks Pregnant, The baby looks more like a newborn because the fuzz, the small fine hair called “lanugo”, has begun to fall out.
  • The baby is approximately 41.1 cm long, from head to toe.
  • The child continues to grow and develop, and it is expected that the child will gain about 900 grams at least before birth, and the more the child becomes full, the more smooth his wrinkled skin becomes.

31 weeks pregnant baby development

  • The food that the mother eats during pregnancy may give the amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid) some flavors and aromas. The taste nipples, brain, and tastes of your baby are now mature enough to taste these flavors in the fluid that he swallows.
  • There is evidence to suggest that the food a mother eats during pregnancy will shape the baby’s food preferences as he begins to eat solid foods.
  • The baby continues to grow and enlarge, which reduces the space in which it moves in the womb, but the baby’s movement remains active and noticeable.

Mother development

Carrying a small fetus inside you gets more difficult every week. You will experience another set of changes in the body during pregnancy during 31 Weeks Pregnant.

Breathing difficulties

As the fetus is constantly pushing the uterus up, your lungs will feel tight. This will lead to fewer shallow breaths than usual, but fortunately, you do not need to worry about your little one getting oxygen as he is getting it through the placenta.

If you exercise regularly, it is time to kick the exercises a little. Be prepared for shortness of breath as the pressure on your lungs will increase in the coming months.

Breast drainage

Your breasts will produce a yellow liquid called colostrum, which will feed your baby for the first three days after birth.

Cracking in nails

Up until that point, your hair and nails were growing faster, but now your nails will feel drier and easier to crack due to hormones. Take precautions by keeping it short.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

These pseudo-contractions (Braxton Hicks Contractions) will plague you much more now than ever before. Make sure you drink plenty of water and don’t sit or lie in the same positions to help relieve some of this discomfort.

An increase in blood volume

Due to the number of nutrients and oxygen being transported to the placenta, you have approximately 50% more blood than usual.

31 weeks pregnant mom

31 weeks pregnant Belly Size

At the beginning of 31 Weeks Pregnant, you will gain 10 to 12 kilograms more than usual. The extra weight will make you feel heavy, but there is nothing to worry about. Also, your belly will likely extend about 30 cm from top to bottom, so be prepared with some skin moisturizers to help your skin keep its freshness.

31 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms continue to appear and vary throughout pregnancy, and below, we will mention the most important symptoms of pregnancy in 31 Weeks Pregnant:

Constant urination

The need to urinate constantly increases deeper in the weeks of pregnancy. This is due to the enlargement of the uterus and its pressure on the bladder, which makes you continuously urinate.

Difficulty sleeping

This symptom is considered one of the annoying symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-first week, which occurs as a result of suffering from cramps and indigestion, waking up a lot to urinate, and not finding a comfortable position to sleep. 

Severe back pain

A pregnant woman in the thirty-first week feels severe pain in the back due to the weight of the fetus and the large size of the uterus, which puts severe pressure on the spine.

Pelvic pain

You may feel severe pain in the pelvic area due to the pressure of the fetus on the pelvic bones and the enlargement of the uterus, but this pain will disappear soon after birth.

Pregnancy symptoms in the thirty-first emergency week

The symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-first week were not limited to the symptoms mentioned above only. Still, there are other symptoms that the pregnant woman suffers during this week, and the most prominent of these symptoms are:

  • Feelings of random contractions that last for 30 seconds are irregular and painless but must be followed carefully. If they exceed four contractions in one hour, it is considered a sign of premature labor, and you should consult your doctor immediately.
  • Feeling severe pain in the abdomen as a result of the movement of the fetus, in addition to the large size of the uterus, puts pressure on the pelvic area and the internal intestine.
  • Increase in vaginal secretions and change their color from the usual. Still, suppose these secretions increase and become watery in consistency mixed with drops of blood. In that case, it is a sure sign of premature labor, and at that time, please go to the attending physician immediately.
  • Some drops of milk from the breast in preparation for childbirth.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the thirty-first week that should not be ignored

There is a group of symptoms that should never be overlooked when they appear on a pregnant woman in the thirty-first week, and among these symptoms are the following:


High blood pressure and the presence of protein in the blood cause preeclampsia, which threatens the mother’s life and poses a great danger to her if it is not dealt with immediately. So when you are exposed to high blood pressure, please consult your doctor to help you treat high blood pressure.

Severe coughing

It is possible that coughing is a symptom of a cold that may affect a pregnant woman and will soon go away after taking the appropriate treatment for it during pregnancy. Still, if the cough continues to be severe here, you must consult a follow-up doctor, then coughing may be a sign of hepatic obstruction that threatens the life of the fetus and the mother.

Symptoms of pregnancy At 31 weeks pregnant to determine the gender of the newborn

Some people believe that there are certain symptoms for each pregnancy with a boy and the pregnancy with a girl, and also the pregnancy in twins. Still, medicine has another opinion on this issue. It may seem that all these symptoms are not accurate enough to identify the gender and sex of the newborn, and medicine only has the first and last opinion in identifying the gender. But many believe in the validity of these signs, and among these symptoms:

Symptoms of pregnancy twin

  • A pregnant woman feels the movement of the fetus early, before the normal time. She can feel its movement.
  • A doubling of the pregnancy hormone level in the blood is one of the most common signs of a twin pregnancy.
  • Feeling more morning sickness than normal.
  • The appearance of more than one pulse inside the uterus is identified through the use of ultrasound and a Doppler device.
  • The uterus is larger than its usual size.
  • Feeling very tired and stressed out from the slightest exertion.
  • The emergence of varicose veins results from the pressure of blood flow to the veins feeding the leg to meet the needs of pregnancy.
  • The sensation of severe pain in the breasts.
  • The weight of the pregnant woman exceeds the normal limit during pregnancy.
  • Eating more and multiplying the meals that you get daily.
  • Feeling insomnia and inability to sleep due to the large size of the uterus.
  • The need to urinate frequently, which is due to the increased pressure of the uterus on the bladder, and thus the bladder’s intolerance to retain the same amount of water before pregnancy.
  • Feeling of depression mixed with fear and anxiety about childbirth and fetuses.
  • Feeling severe pain in the back as a result of the pressure of the uterus on the spine.

Symptoms of pregnancy with a girl

  • Frequent vomiting and nausea, especially in the early hours of the morning.
  • The abdomen takes a flat shape and is raised.
  • The fetus should have a heartbeat of more than 140 beats.
  • The desire to eat sweets in large quantities.
  • The left breast is larger than the right one.
  • The complexion appears tired and stressed with lots of pimples, pimples, and dark spots.
  • A pregnant woman is moody, sometimes she is calm and stable, and at other times she becomes more nervous and nervous.
  • The mother’s behavior is elegant, and she is present in various situations as evidence of her pregnancy with a daughter.
  • The color of urine changes and becomes more faded than normal.
  • The appearance of the hair is worn out and unhealthy.
  • Sleep on the right side.
  • Dryness of the mother’s peripheral organs, such as the hands and feet.

Symptoms of pregnancy with a boy

  • Not needing to vomit and feel nauseous, especially when waking up.
  • The color of urine is darker than the normal color.
  • The measurement of the fetal heartbeat must be less than 140 beats.
  • The abdomen adopts a circular shape that is not elevated.
  • Enlarged right breast.
  • Hair appears healthier and lustrous than before.
  • Sleep on the left side.
  • The desire to eat salty foods a lot.
  • The appearance of the fresh, radiant complexion, free of blemishes and dark spots.

31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

An ultrasound exam should now be a weekly affair so that your doctor can monitor your pregnancy, especially if you have complications such as diabetes or are carrying more than one fetus.

The examination will show that your baby is almost fully formed, including all organs and organs. This is the time for a little boy’s testicles to descend into the scrotum or for your little girl’s clitoris to develop. You can also take a 3D ultrasound test, which will show the detailed features of your baby’s face and body.

Pregnancy Checklist at 31 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some helpful tips at this stage of pregnancy:

What to do,

This is the time to attend the “prenatal” learning classes. The trainers are well equipped to handle all childbirth issues, such as pain management, stress relief, and newborn care.

It’s never too early to have your hospital bag packed and ready from now on.

Always drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day to keep it supple and hydrated.

What not to do,

  • Don’t ignore your baby’s kicks. Research has shown that learning the kick pattern of a fetus is associated with a lower stillbirth.
  • Don’t assume facial swelling has anything to do with weight gain. It could also be a sign of preeclampsia, so speak to your doctor right away.

What should you buy,

It may be time for you to think about how you want to decorate your newborn’s room. Buy enough maternity and maternity clothes, but also don’t forget about post-pregnancy clothes. You should also consider purchasing nursing items such as breastfeeding bras, bottles, etc.

If you are buying a crib for your baby, do not buy a bed with edges that could lead to injuries, and certainly do not buy any pillows, toys, or blankets, as these things increase the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Also, consider purchasing a stroller so you can take your little one with you to get some fresh air.

Nutrition at 31 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s health depends on your diet, so make sure you get adequate amounts of protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products. It is best to eat smaller meals more often during the day to avoid indigestion and stomach cramps.

Fried, processed, and high-fat foods should be avoided or eaten sparingly. Some of the changes that must be made to the food of a 31-week pregnant woman are: 

Vitamin C and iron

Since your little one is starting to make his blood cells, he needs more iron in his diet. Also, adding some vitamin C will help iron absorb better. Including spinach, citrus fruits, fish, lean meats, and green vegetables in your diet is important.


Calcium is essential as the fetus’ bones, cartilage, and nails develop. Plus, you need calcium as well to stay healthy. Eat milk, cabbage, spinach, tofu, cheese, and soybeans for calcium.

Although your body needs both iron and calcium, be careful not to take both supplements together as calcium can prevent iron absorption into the body. You can take the two supplements at different times during the day to avoid this from happening.

Exercises At 31 Weeks Pregnant

“Learn to relax.”

At 31 Weeks Pregnant, Relaxation techniques that you may have learned specifically for childbirth can serve you before the birth as well. If you are tense, find it difficult to sleep, are generally not calm or afraid, try these techniques, as they can always help you.

Also, Do exercises like Kegel to strengthen the pelvic floor.

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