Hi mum, You did a great job! you’re 40 weeks pregnant. Your body has made me up – a developed kid who is ready to go out into the outside world. I have very much curiosity. The expected delivery date has come, but that does not necessarily mean that we will meet this week. Remember, the expected due date is based on the evaluation and it is not the exact date.

In any case, it is clear to us both that the birth will happen soon, also due to the increase in hormones in my body, which will speed up the expected meeting. My weight at this stage ranges between 3 to 4 kg. You should see that. Soon I’ll be in your arms, ma.

At 40 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of A MELON


Length: 51.2 cm

40 weeks pregnant baby size

You are in the third trimester

You are in the ninth month

Number of weeks remaining: 0 – Congratulations!!!!

Baby development

? The baby is at 40 Weeks Pregnant, fully developed and awaiting the moment of birth.

? The child’s hair may continue to grow, become thicker and coarser, and his nails are fully grown.

? The baby weighs about 3.5 kg at birth, but if the baby weighs between 2.5 and 3.8 kg, it is within a healthy weight.

? All babies are born with gaps between the bones of the skull to give the baby’s head the flexibility to exit through the birth canal in natural birth. The fontanel bones heal with age.

40 weeks pregnant baby development


? The baby now has all the skills he needs to interact with the mother after birth, as the baby is born with more than 70 natural skills and reactions that will help him coexist outside the womb, such as searching for the breast to suckle.

? The males often weigh slightly more than the females, and the lanugo covering the baby’s body, called the lanugo, continues to fall out, but some of it may remain at birth on the baby’s shoulders, skin folds, back, and ears.

Mother development

There are three indications that labor has started, namely, vaginal secretions that may mix with blood (mucus plug), opening of the membrane (oozing), and regular contractions that increase in strength (and length) and frequency.

40 weeks pregnant mom

A common fear among mothers is the fear of being physically unable to give birth. But rest assured, your body knows what to do, your baby will be proportional to your size, your baby’s head is still soft and flexible, and the ligaments of your pelvis have loosened, allowing them to extend outward and the vagina to expand dramatically during the birth of your baby! A medical team will accompany you during your birth, ready to assist when intervention is needed. So sit back and let things run their course.

40 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

There are several symptoms of pregnancy from the fortieth week that are known to be felt by a woman and they are:

? Suffering from swelling and severe pain in the breasts.

? Urinating excessively.

? Being tired.

? Suffering from dizziness.

? Her changing feelings and unexpected emotions.

? Increased anxiety-related to childbirth and motherhood.

? A burning sensation in the stomach.

? Not wanting to eat.

? Relax in the nerves.

? Pain in the ribs.

? Her dreams are difficult.

? Constipation.

? Pelvic pain.

? She may have impaired vision.

? Swelling in the feet and ankles.

? Suffering from sleep disturbances.

? The occurrence of disturbances in vaginal secretions.

40 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The doctor will check the extent of the widening of the cervix and other changes related to childbirth, among other checks and tests to ensure the safety of the fetus before birth, including:

?   The biophysical profile test of the fetus.

The doctor performs a biophysical profile test of the fetus, which consists of ultrasound to look at the baby’s overall movements, breathing movements, movement of the chest and diaphragm muscles, and muscle movement whether the child opens or closes his hand or extends and then bends his limbs, as well About the amount of amniotic fluid to look at how well the placenta is supporting the baby.

?   NST fetal heart rate monitoring test

Fetal heart rate monitoring is usually done separately or as part of the testing of biophysical features of the fetus, or a modified fetal biophysical profile test, which consists of a fetal heart rate monitoring test and an ultrasound to assess the amount of amniotic fluid.

If the fetal examinations are not reassuring, or if the level of amniotic fluid is too low, for example, the doctor immediately stimulates labor, and if there is a serious and urgent problem, the doctor may perform a cesarean delivery.

Pregnancy Checklist at 40 Weeks Pregnant

? We recommend that you follow closely the doctor at 40 Weeks Pregnant, and do what you can so that the delivery is not later than this week.

? Stick to acidic foods and drinks, such as oranges, mangoes, and tomatoes, to maintain the level of amniotic fluid that the fetus swims at.

? If you suffer from anemia, it is better to take doses of the iron solution to make up for your deficiency. Because compensating for iron-containing foods or iron tablets takes a long time, and I don’t think you have that time in 40 Weeks Pregnant.

? Increase the rate of walking and movement, and do not neglect climbing and descending the stairs, as well as squatting and other sports that work on the expansion and flexibility of the pelvic area, and also contribute to strengthening the muscles of the perineum.

? Be careful, and expect to see any blood or water coming out of you during this period, as this may be a real sign of childbirth.

? Finally, dear pregnant woman, you must remain firm and calm, so that you can enter labor without fear or fear. And to know that the psychological factor is very important at the time of birth; Your intense fear or anxiety about what is happening around you may cause the contractions to stop, and thus make normal delivery difficult or difficult.

Nutrition at 40 Weeks Pregnant

Many foods reduce pregnancy symptoms from 40 Weeks Pregnant, and they are:

? Attention to a good diet.

? Avoid eating large meals, but you should eat meals in small quantities and frequently to avoid the feeling of nausea.

? Make sure to eat foods that contain fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, and grains, to avoid constipation.

? Always make sure to drink fluids, and refrain from eating foods that contain fats so that a pregnant woman does not have a burning sensation in the stomach.

Foods to stay away from in the 40th week of pregnancy

? Avoid eating foods high in fat.

? Not to eat fast food, and you must rely on eating food that was prepared at home so as not to harm the fetus.

? Avoid eating mackerel and smoked fish, in addition to fish that are more exposed to polluted air and smoked fish, because this type of fish results in brain damage and delays the child’s growth.

? Meat and poultry are important in the diet of the mother and the child, but meat is required to be cooked because the meat that has not been cooked well contains bacteria and germs that negatively affect health, and it also works to stop the growth of the child.

? Milk is one of the drinks that are of great importance for a pregnant woman and the fetus. As for unpasteurized milk, it should be avoided, in order not to be subject to poisoning.

Exercises At 40 Weeks Pregnant

Some exercises are recommended to do to reduce the symptoms of pregnancy from 40 Weeks Pregnant, but it is necessary to consult a doctor because it is possible that these exercises do not suit some cases and these exercises include:

? Breathing exercises, by sleeping on the floor, inhaling, and exhaling, this exercise helps relieve shortness of breath.

? And breathing can take a different way, such as a quick way, this exercise works to reduce the pain of labor.

? Walking is one of the best solutions that are relied upon during the last months, as it facilitates the opening of the cervix, which results in the completion of labor easily, and in the last days of pregnancy, it is recommended to walk by raising the foot while walking.

? Training to hold the breath, is one of the exercises that is recommended to do, especially when the fetus is released, so that the period of holding the breath reaches less than a minute and after that, it is gradually increased.

“Breast milk or infant formula”

Week 40 is a good time to consider feeding your baby after birth. Surely you have read and heard about the advantages of breastfeeding for the baby – breast milk is suitable for the digestive system of a modern baby and contains antibodies that will be transferred to the child and strengthen his immune system, among others. Remember, breastfeeding is good for you, too.

Advantages of breastfeeding for the mother:

? Breastfeeding stimulates the body to produce hormones that create a positive feeling.

? Breastfeeding releases hormones that help contract the uterus and reduce bleeding, shortening the time to regain strength after childbirth.

? A nursing woman is supposed to consume 2,500 calories per day – about 500 more calories than a non-breastfeeding woman. On the other hand, breastfeeding burns calories and thus you will not gain weight.

Breast milk is the best food for the baby, but if you choose to combine breastfeeding with infant formula or choose to feed the baby formula, here are several necessary details:

? Types of food formulas – There are different types of baby food formulas, including: formula based on cow’s milk – a regular formula that we usually start feeding the baby with, formula for digestion problems (gas, constipation, discomfort) based on partially hydrolyzed protein, skimming formula, baby formula that They are allergic to cow’s milk protein and soy protein, fully hydrolyzed protein based, plant based soy formula.

? Formula form – There are powders for preparing baby formula or baby food formula on the market in a ready-to-use bottle, suitable for the first weeks.

? Amount – The amount of infant formula a child needs depends on their generation and level of appetite. The child will drink from the bottle until he is full, there is no need to worry if he does not finish up all of the amount in the bottle. In the event that the vial is expired quickly, this is an indication that the amount given so far should be increased.

? Help in feeding the baby – Others can help the mother to feed her baby if he is bottle-fed, but in breastfeeding only the mother can feed him.


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