Dear mother, We continue our path and continue through its significant developments. Before 7 weeks pregnant, the previous period was marked by a heartbeat, but the focus will now shift to developing my facial features and physical attributes. Even though I’m very young, you won’t believe what I’m doing here.

7 Weeks Pregnant is considered one of the most influential stages in both the father and the mother’s life. Despite the increased requirements of the mother and the burden she incurs in pregnancy, nothing compares to that decisive moment in which the mother sees her child’s features through television radiography.

At 7 Weeks Pregnant Your baby is about the size of An Olive.

  • 7 weeks pregnant baby size


 Weight: 0.5g

Length: 0.79 cm


  • You are in the first trimester.
  • You are in the second month.
  • The remaining number of weeks: 33

Baby development

Your fetus begins to grow larger at this stage of pregnancy, and through television radiography, both legs and arms of the child can be observed, but of course, they are tiny, but they will be apparent to you.

You will also be able to see your baby’s fingers, and you will notice that your child’s head appears so clear that it seems more extensive than the rest of the other organs that have begun to appear. Both the eye and ear openings also begin to appear noticeably.

7 weeks pregnant baby development

The fetus begins to move at 7 Weeks Pregnant, but the mother will not be able to feel the fetus’s movement before the ninth week of pregnancy because the fetus is far from the wall of your stomach, and therefore you cannot feel its movement.

One of the other things that you do not notice directly in your fetus is the heart’s growth, and you can hear its heartbeat at this time. Although the heartbeat of your fetus may not be completely clear to you, the doctors confirmed that the heart rate of the fetus in the seventh week of pregnancy is very fast and in sequence, it can reach a hundred beats per minute or more, meaning that it is much greater than the average adult’s.

Also, the muscles, cartilage, and glands begin to grow, although the child’s size is tiny, as we can consider it an estimate of the size of an Olive, and its length may reach only one cm. Also, the gender of the fetus cannot be determined this week, and you will have to wait A few more weeks to find out the gender of your newborn and determine the appropriate clothes for him.

Mother development

Your outer body may not appear pregnant, but a lot is going on inside your body. Your body changes during pregnancy, and you may experience it.

7 weeks pregnant mom


The following changes at around 7 weeks of pregnancy:

Nausea and food aversion: You may experience nausea and food aversion at this time. Some smells may cause nausea. On the other hand, you may also find yourself craving food like pickles.

Excessive salivation: You may notice excessive salivation in your mouth. Try chewing sugarless gum to avoid excess saliva from collecting in your mouth.

Breast changes: Your breast size may increase this week. This is due to increased blood flow and fat accumulation around the breast.

More frequent bathroom visits: There is an increase in blood flow around the pelvic area due to HCGR, which leads to frequent urination.

Skin conditions or acne: You may also notice acne on your face. This is due to the hormonal changes occurring in your body.

7 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

By 7 weeks of pregnancy, there may not be any obvious physical signs, but you may notice the following symptoms this week:

  • In the morning, you may start to feel sick (nausea and vomiting). You may also experience headaches and other pains. Fatigue and lethargy may also be noted.
  • Your breasts will become tender, and the areolas will be darker than usual.
  • You may crave some food and get put off by some.
  • Your favorite pants or jeans may not fit well. This is not because of weight gain but because of bloating.
  • You may also experience pelvic cramps. There may be spotting at times as well.
  • One of the crucial developments in your body during this time is the development of the mucous plug.
  • The mucus plug helps seal the cervix and protects the opening of the uterus until your baby is born.
  • You may find yourself struggling with changing moods. This is due to changing hormones in the body.

Factors causing the absence of pregnancy symptoms at 7 Weeks Pregnant 

Pregnancy without symptoms is a common occurrence among women, and the emergence of symptoms differs from their absence according to the different nature of the woman’s body.

Some women do not feel pregnancy symptoms before reaching the 20th week of pregnancy, and on the other hand, women feel pregnancy symptoms starting from the first day and months. Reasons for not showing signs of pregnancy in the seventh week include:

Obesity and weight gain: Being overweight may cause a woman not to feel the pregnancy symptoms and hinder her sense of the fetus’s movement.

Irregular menstruation: irregular menstruation indicates the presence of pregnancy, usually a false pregnancy, and the menstrual cycle may be late due to the abuse of some medical drugs or suffering from health problems or feeling tension and fear.

Some women may not feel the pregnancy symptoms due to the insufficient secretion of the pregnancy hormone to feel the different symptoms of pregnancy.

Important advice to deal with pregnancy symptoms at 7 Weeks Pregnant 

  • Drink enough water to help eliminate the feeling of nausea.
  • Pregnancy increases the estrogen hormone, which increases the strength of a woman’s sense of smell, which makes her sensitive to all smells and thus increases her sense of the need for nausea, so a pregnant woman must inhale refreshing, non-nausea scents such as the smell of mint.
  • Eat important foods that help alleviate pregnancy symptoms in the seventh week and work to provide the body with important nutrients that the mother may need during pregnancy.
  • Not to eat too much, and it is better to eat small amounts of food at intervals to ensure that the food stays in the stomach for a longer period.
  • Every pregnant woman should get adequate rest and not be exposed to anything that may increase her stress and feel tired and exhausted so that this negatively affects the health of the fetus.

7 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

By 7 weeks, you may be ready for your first ultrasound, although many doctors may wait up to 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy to get the scan. This depends mainly on your medical history and the recommendation of your doctor.

An ultrasound scan will help the doctor record various measurements of your baby and determine the extent of the fetus’s development. Even though your baby is too young to be detected on an ultrasound scan, the fetus produces about a hundred brain cells per minute. The fetus develops the heart, kidneys, arms, and leg joints.

If you are carrying twins, the scan will show two gestational sacs on the ultrasound scan. You will also be asked to give samples of urine, blood, and cervical cells for various tests. Blood samples of a mother carrying twins or multiple babies may show an increased HCG level, and this increase in the hormone level may cause more morning sickness.

Belly at 7 Weeks Pregnant 

Your belly at 7 weeks pregnant does not make you look pregnant, even though you may feel many changes taking place inside your body. Your baby is too young at this time to show off your baby bump. All you feel is bloating around your stomach at 7 weeks pregnant.

Most mothers have a bump that starts in the middle of the second trimester. However, if you are carrying twins or more, your belly may begin to appear earlier than usual.

Pregnancy Checklist at 7 Weeks Pregnant

Morning sickness and nausea can take a heavy toll on your health during this time. The following care and advice about what to do and not to do during this time may help:

You have to do,

  • Eat bland, non-irritating food and eat it in small quantities for short periods as it is easier to digest
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Drink lemon juice or eat watermelon to relieve nausea
  • Take enough rest throughout the day.
  • Wear a right bra to relieve breast pain
  • Take prescribed vitamin supplements.

What you should refrain from,

  • Avoid spicy food
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking altogether.
  • Avoid skipping any meal.

What you need to shop for,

Your shopping list at 7 Weeks Pregnant might include:

Pregnancy Blog: To record your feelings and emotions during pregnancy.

Good natural cosmetics: You can buy good lotions or oils to moisturize your skin as it may become drier than before.

Comfortable bra: Now that your breasts are thin and swollen, wearing a comfortable bra can help.

Wearing comfortable lower-body clothing: You must buy comfortable bottoms. It is advisable to choose stretchable fabric as your size will continuously change in the coming months.

Good Pregnancy Books: You can buy good pregnancy books to learn more about pregnancy.

Nutrition At 7 Weeks Pregnant

It would help if you stuck to a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy. Food for the seventh week of pregnancy should include:

  • It is recommended to eat 3 to 5 servings of vegetables a day. Eating a healthy mix of green, red, yellow, and orange vegetables is good for your body. Spinach, green cauliflower, tomatoes, red peppers, pumpkin, carrots, yellow peppers, and corn are some of the fresh vegetables you can include in your diet.
  • It is suggested to choose fresh fruits over canned or preserved foods because preserved foods may contain harmful bacteria that can cause harm you and your baby. You should eat 3 to 4 servings of fresh fruits a day.
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other milk products must be consumed to meet the body’s calcium requirements. We recommend 3 servings of these per day.
  • Include 2 to 3 servings of protein in the form of eggs, meat, and poultry in your diet. Lentils, beans, seeds, and nuts are excellent sources of protein for vegan mothers.
  • You should choose whole grains over refined food products. Whole grains provide your body with fiber. It is suggested to eat 3 servings of whole-grain foods per day.

Exercises At 7 Weeks Pregnant

Sport is one of the essential things that helps a pregnant woman get better sleep, improves her mood, and provides her body with strength to withstand pregnancy signs in the seventh week. She must consult her doctor about the type of sport suitable for a pregnant woman in the seventh week, and among the most important of these exercises are the following:

  • Walk for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Practicing yoga improves the psychological and mental state of the pregnant woman. It thus reduces mood swings symptoms, which is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy in the seventh week among pregnant women.
  • Leg lift, which works to strengthen the back muscles, bears the back pain resulting from pregnancy.
  • Wall pushing helps a pregnant woman strengthen the breast muscles, tighten the body, and get rid of the feeling of laziness and fatigue resulting from the increased secretion of the pregnancy hormone in the body.




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