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 Hello dear mom, At 9 weeks pregnant, my organs continue to develop until I’m starting to move a little – no need to be embarrassed if you don’t feel like it yet. At this week, your pregnancy is still in its infancy so that you can feel my movement inside, but rest assured, my muscles are starting to work.

What distinguishes the ninth week of pregnancy is that the fetus begins to take on the human body and gives up the embryonic tail that makes it more like a little frog chick in the weeks leading up to this week; Hence the name of the fetus can be called it.

By counting the months, the ninth week of pregnancy follows the second month of it. This stage is called the mutation stage, where distinct changes occur in the fetus’s shape and body.

 At 9 weeks pregnant, Your baby is about the size of A Plum.

9 weeks pregnant baby size

Weight: 2g

Length: 2.3 cm


  • You are in the first trimester.
  • You are in the second month.
  • The remaining number of weeks: 31

Baby development

It’s hard to believe how quickly a single cell can evolve in such a short time into the body of a well-defined baby. The tremendous development that occurs to the fetus in the ninth week of pregnancy makes us look at it as if we are in front of a full-fledged fetus. Because once it enters this stage, we find it takes on a human form.

9 weeks pregnant baby development

  • The four chambers that make up your baby’s heart are forming, and valves begin to form.
  • Its young teeth begin to form.
  • The fetal tail that had previously formed disappears completely.
  • Your fetus kicks with its small muscles and nerves.
  • The fetus has its external genitals, but it won’t be time to discern its gender yet.
  • The eyes are fully formed but will remain closed for 27 weeks.
  • The placenta is now fully developed, preparing for its huge hormone production task.
  • The fetus has a small nose, mouth, and ears.
  • The neck of the fetus develops, helping its head in a more precise position.

Mother development

As your baby grows from a mass of cells to a fetus, you will also experience changes in your body during pregnancy.

9 weeks pregnant mom

Some women may experience slight waist thickening now. Your breasts will start to feel tender and sensitive. Your weight will not vary much, and some women may experience weight loss due to nausea/vomiting.

9 weeks pregnant belly

Your belly at 9 weeks of pregnancy may not look much different than it did when you weren’t pregnant. Unless you have gained a lot of weight, you will barely look pregnant.

 Of course, you will notice that your waist may be slightly thicker. Your abdomen needs to become more stable because the uterus starts to swell for apparent reasons. Many women may also experience weight loss. This is very common as you may have the urge to vomit whatever goes into your stomach.

9 Weeks Pregnant symptoms

  • The previous weeks’ physical symptoms persist, as morning sickness and an aversion to certain smells and foods persist.
  • You notice an increase around your waist. Perhaps this increase makes you feel the most that you have a fetus growing inside of you.
  • Mood swings increase in intensity in the ninth week of pregnancy, as it is normal to have a mood throughout the day of various conflicting emotions of joy, sadness, anger, and laughter.
  • Perhaps adding to these feelings is a new sense, which is fear of maternal responsibility.
  • These feelings usually disappear in the second trimester of pregnancy, but they return at the beginning of the third trimester and continue until the end of pregnancy.
  • You may feel bloated or have indigestion at times.

9 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Congratulations! You are about to reach the third month of pregnancy. It’s been 2 months, and now you should get used to the feeling of pregnancy. Well, you cannot feel a fetus now, but this little fetus will soon start its simple movements. Also, without a doubt, you are now curious and want to know everything you can about your baby.

 During the ninth week of pregnancy, your doctor recommends an ultrasound scan to see your developing fetus’s size. During the ultrasound scan, you will see a small heartbeat point in your uterus that will eventually grow into your baby. Read on to learn more about your 9th-week ultrasound.

Why should you have an ultrasound at 9 weeks pregnant?

The first ultrasound examination to be performed is called the appointment and continuity examination. This is done to check the following.

  •  To check whether the fetus is in the correct position inside the uterus or not.
  • To rule out ectopic pregnancy and to ensure that it is inside the uterus.
  • A baby’s heartbeat can currently be detected, which is one of the first signs of your pregnancy’s viability. Your baby’s heart begins to beat within six weeks of pregnancy.
  • If spotting or bleeding has occurred recently, an ultrasound examination may be done to determine why this is happening.
  • The scan can show the number of fetuses in pregnancy. In the event of a twin pregnancy, this can be determined during an ultrasound at the ninth week.
  • Couples who have undergone fertility treatment in the “IVF” need to undergo tests to determine the implantation and pregnancy success.

 How to prepare for 9 weeks pregnancy check?

At 9 weeks pregnant, you have a scan; it will usually be a transvaginal ultrasound (TVS). This is because your fetus at this time will be too low in the abdomen or too small for an abdominal examination to be performed early in pregnancy.

 A transvaginal ultrasound allows your doctor to examine the uterus through the vagina. To prepare for the examination, firstly, the urinary bladder must be emptied. A full bladder can interfere with getting a clear picture during the exam, so the nurse will ask you to use the toilet while preparing for the test.

 Since the examination is through the vagina, you will need to undress from the waist down. You should wear loose-fitting clothing such as long tops with trousers or baggy pants to avoid being completely undressed.

How long does an ultrasound scan take?

A typical scan takes about 20 to 30 minutes. However, if the doctor is having difficulty obtaining clear images, it may take longer. But you don’t need to worry about that because women find transvaginal scans more comfortable than abdominal scans.

 What happens during an ultrasound scan?

During the ultrasound, you will be asked to lie on an examination table or bed. You will need to raise your knees since the soles of your feet are flat on the bed. Your legs must be kept apart so the doctor has room to perform the examination. This is roughly the same position you would take during an internal examination.

 The probe is covered with a sterile rubber sheath that resembles a condom, and a gel is applied to it so that it passes through the vagina quickly, thus producing clear images. The probe is inserted two to three inches into the vagina for examination.

 Although the procedure may be embarrassing, relaxing your doctor makes it easier for your doctor to insert the sensor. When you strain the muscles, the examination becomes uncomfortable and painful. Therefore, you should breathe deeply and relax.

 What can you see on examination at 9 weeks pregnant?

Here’s what you can expect to see on a 9th-week ultrasound:

  • Your baby measures about 2.3 cm and weighs about two grams.
  • You’ll be able to see his body, head, and limbs. For now, your baby will only chew and will become a fetus.
  • The baby’s heartbeat can also be heard on an ultrasound in the ninth week. The pulse is usually around 130 to 150 beats per second.
  • Your doctor closely examines the area around a pregnancy sac to make sure there is no bleeding. A condition called a subchorionic hematoma.

 What does an empty yolk cyst mean during a 9th-week ultrasound?

The yolk sac surrounds the growing fetus and the amniotic fluid. The yolk sac is located in the gestational sac and is the nutrition source for a developing fetus during early pregnancy.

 It is not visible until about 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy; This is a sign of the fetus’s age. When you do not see a yolk cyst in the sixth week, this may also mean an error recording the date of your last period.

 The doctor then schedules an appointment for another examination in a week or two to confirm the yolk cyst’s presence. If it is not seen after nine weeks of pregnancy, it could be a sign of a miscarriage.

 Sometimes, there is no need to wait for a follow-up examination; if the ultrasound images at the ninth week show that the gestational sac is about 25 mm or more and there is no yolk sac or fetus, then the doctor diagnoses that this is a miscarriage immediately.

 What happens if abnormalities are detected when performing the examination?

The scans can sometimes be inconclusive, so there are strict guidelines to follow during the scans. Since doctors adhere to these guidelines, their results are entirely certain.

 Doctors look for minor abnormalities during the exams. They apply “markers “, which could indicate a more severe problem or could be just a contrast to what is considered normal. Therefore, if the doctor finds anything unusual, he or she may order tests such as chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis to check whether the chromosomes in the fetus are normal or not.

 If the fetus has a severe problem, you can take some time to think about your options. These may include termination of pregnancy, preparation for a child who may have special needs, or, in very rare cases, fetal surgery.

 Ultrasound scans are essential to rule out anything wrong with the pregnancy and confirm it is healthy. So don’t miss any of them. Go for an ultrasound and check everything and have a happy pregnancy!

Pregnancy Checklist at 9 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind at this stage:

 What to do,

  • Eat nutritious foods in small meals at appropriate intervals to maintain the blood sugar level.
  • Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated.
  • Meditate and do some yoga to counteract any negative effects caused by the excess hormones

 What not to do,

  • Do not expose yourself to environments full of hazards such as radiation because it can affect a child.
  • You must stop the strenuous exercise as it can dehydrate or divert blood flow from the womb.
  • Cut down on caffeine drastically as it may lead to insomnia.
  • You should stop consuming raw milk products and unpasteurized milk because the microbes in milk may cause infections or food poisoning.

 What should you buy,

The first thing you will need to purchase right now is a comfortable bra. Since your breasts are already feeling sensitive and sore, a supportive bra will help you feel comfortable.

 If you haven’t already, make sure to buy some good books on pregnancy and parenting as they will keep you distracted from feeling nauseous and tired. This is the stage where you start shopping for loose-fitting clothes, new pants, or belt extenders for most women.

 Since you need to rest a lot, and may currently feel uncomfortable, make sure to buy some comfy body pillows. Since oral care is essential, too, be sure to buy a toothbrush and mouthwash as your mouth will become drier.

 Your skin is sure to get drier, which is why buying a good moisturizer is a must. If you are already sensitive to odors at this time, try to find unscented products.

Nutrition At 9 Weeks Pregnant

Usually, there are two cases for women 9 weeks pregnant; Either severe nausea or a craving for junk food is less common. Some expectant mothers might expect some weight loss due to feeling nauseous at this time.

 During the ninth week of pregnancy, you should divide your meals 6 times a day because eating more food per meal avoids vomiting. Stick to a healthy diet that includes protein, vegetables, and nutritious fruits. Make sure to eat nuts as a snack, as they are a good source of protein.

 Make healthy choices and foods that do not make you nauseous. It is best not to eat many sugary foods or foods with strong odors as they will only bother you more.

Exercises At 9 Weeks Pregnant

Indeed, the ninth week’s pregnancy symptoms make women feel tired, which leads to them saying that they cannot deal with anyone because of the severe pain they are exposed to. Still, if you know the real benefit of exercising, you will immediately go-to exercise.

 Moreover, many women wonder how I should make sleep time and not make any effort, and how they ask me to do strenuous exercise. My lady must know that there is currently a lot of exercise for pregnancy, which helps relieve pain and give you more energy and health. It is worth noting that exercise will benefit you and the health of the fetus.

 One of the most exercises that will make you feel agile is that you have deprived of it after pregnancy, which you will always accept are swimming activities, as water gives a fantastic feeling and makes you feel that you do not have weight. Suppose you are wondering about the right place to do these exercises. In that case, We will advise you that the best place to exercise is an open place, as doing any outdoor activity without barriers makes you feel better.

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