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Author page: Shalini Mittal

18 weeks pregnant
18 Weeks Pregnant | Finally, I Can Hear You Mom!

My dear mother,¬†Being 18 weeks pregnant, Something extraordinary happens in the womb. The silence I have become accustomed to suddenly begins to fill with sounds and melodies. I can now hear your heartbeat and sometimes the noises from your stomach. I can also hear strong…

16 weeks pregnant
16 Weeks Pregnant | Let’s Move And Start Kicking!

By 16 Weeks Pregnant, you will have completed four months of total pregnancy. At this stage, pregnancy symptoms disappear, and other symptoms characterize this part of pregnancy. And the nature of every pregnant woman is to be confused at the beginning of each stage of…

Pregnancy Hormones
Pregnancy Hormones | A Detailed Guide For Roles And Levels

Your health, structure, and ability to function throughout the years of your life depend on hormones. These chemicals deliver the messages responsible for coordinating and controlling the functions of cells and organs. Hormones play a particularly prominent role during pregnancy to help protect and nourish…

13 weeks pregnant
13 Weeks Pregnant | Hey, Can Anyone Hear Me?

Dear mother, You are 13 Weeks Pregnant, soon we will meet, and you can see me and hear me very well. Every time I get hungry or tired, you’ll know this, especially because of the vocal cords that I’m starting to develop precisely now. Many…