You’ve been her pillar of strength and support during the past nine months, and it’s the same she expects during those agonizing hours in the delivery room. You want to be there for her too. To help her get through the pain and cherish together the first cry of your little one. But the question is, how? 

You don’t know what to do and what not to. This topic is unlike the others you discuss with your close buddies. Don’t worry! Here are delivery room tips for first-time fathers.

Get Answers To Important Questions

Your wife might have prepared a birth plan. Take time to skim through it. It lists all her expectations related to labor and delivery. If you have a doubt, discuss it with her.

Pack A Bag For You

Labor is quite unpredictable. It may last for a few hours to even 21 hours. Your hospital bag should be sitting in front of you at least a week before the due date. What should you throw in? A pair of clothes, slippers, socks, cell phone charger, crackers, books or magazines, an iPod and toiletries.

Attend Classes

Prenatal classes are a great source of learning for first-time fathers. They not only prepare mothers for delivery but also fathers to be the good birthing partners. Instructors guide couples on different labor positions, breathing techniques and strategies to cope with sudden complications.

Support And Reassurance

This comes into play as labor progresses. Reassure her that she is doing well. Wipe the sweat off her brow. Feed her ice chips. If your wife demands it, you can give her a gentle back or neck rub with the heels of your palm.

Dad in Delivery Room

Take Good Care Of Yourself

Your chief duty in the delivery room is to encourage your wife and help her stay relaxed and calm. You can do it only if you are rested, relaxed and calm. So, in the days building up to the delivery, eat healthily and sleep well. Exercise or do yoga.

Provide Distractions

Labor pains are incomparable. The best you can do for your wife in the delivery room is taking her mind off the physical discomfort. Keep her busy with conversation, music, stupid talk and card games. Your tasks get easier if your wife has opted for an epidural.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

The hours of delivery and labor can be stressful for both your partner and the medical staff attending to her. Your task is to ease the tension between the two. The excruciating pain is the culprit behind the swears your wife utters in the delivery room. 

It is normal to lose one’s cool in such situations, but you don’t. Try to steady her. If there is anything you need to ask or tell the medical attendants, do it gently. This pregnancy tip will be particularly useful in case of an unexpected emergency or pregnancy complication.

Inform The Medical Staff If You Don’t Feel Well

Although you’re not the one doing the pushing, the long hours of labor can take a toll on you too. Men complain of feeling lightheaded or queasy. If this happens, let the nurses know. Take a break, sit down or move out for a breath of fresh air. Come back after a while. 


The birth of a child is an emotionally charging experience. It can bring the strongest man to tears. It’s a moment you’ll cherish for life. Don’t worry if your eyes well up or if you choke. I am sure the others in the room won’t mind. And of course, if you’ve opted to clamp the cord, get ready because you will be doing it soon.

Dad in a Delivery Room

What if you don’t dare to step into the delivery room?

Some men tend to be more sensitive. They cannot tolerate the sight of blood or cannot see a loved one in pain. You don’t have to feel embarrassed or guilty about it. That’s just the way we are made. 

let someone else take charge in the delivery room

If you are one of them, we would advise you to stay out and let someone else take charge in the delivery room. Address the issue to your wife earlier; don’t wait until she is in labor. Staying out is better than passing out in front of her or running to the bathroom. 


So, dudes buckle up! 

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