Last updated on April 27th, 2021

No parent is perfect! Whether they are the parents of a teen or those of an infant, everyone makes a few mistakes. At least the others have some first-hand knowledge in the art of parenting, but new parents have only started taking their baby steps in this alien domain. 

If you are a new parent, there is no need to worry. You shall learn gradually. However, you should also be aware of the mistakes most new parents make so that you do not repeat them.

Given are the top 5 mistakes every new parent makes. New Parent

Not Allowing Babies to Cry it Out.

The moment your little one lets out a whimper, you dash in his direction, pick him up and try to soothe him. We always associate crying with discomfort and pain, and therefore we feel the need to attend to a crying baby immediately. If your baby is in good health, eats well, and is diapered comfortably, you needn’t worry about his crying.

Every baby cries. And, you’ve not been a bad parent by letting your baby cry it out for a while. In fact, letting your baby cry out sometimes can actually offer him relief. However, do not neglect the crying if the cause is a fever, stomach ache, vomiting, or rash.

Mixing up a Vomit and Spit-up

New parents often confuse a spit-up and a mix-up. However, it is easy to tell the difference between the two. Vomiting is a forceful emptying of the stomach contents and may be caused by indigestion or a gastrointestinal virus. On the other hand, a spit is like some of the stomach contents coming back into the mouth accidentally after burping or when trying to burp. Spiting up is normal and may happen frequently. 

Stressing and Panicking about Everything


A new mom worries excessively about everything and anything. There are so many things new parents panic about – Is the baby sleeping well? Is the baby getting enough to eat? Are my actions hurting the baby? Why is the baby crying so much? Is spit-up normal? These are only a handful of the things new parents worry about.

The responsibility of caring for a newborn makes these worries legitimate, but you should not stress about it unnecessarily. Panicking about everything and anything will deprive you of a chance to enjoy your baby’s first year. 

New Parent

Neglecting Your Marriage

Baby becomes No. 1 priority for the mother. She thinks of him at all times. Agreed, the baby depends entirely on you and needs proper attention. However, you should not let the arrival of the baby take a toll on your relationship. Your relationship with your spouse is equally important. Try to strike a balance between the two.

Not Taking Care of Yourself

You may spend most of your time looking after your little peanut and fulfilling his demands. However, amidst the hours of baby care, you need to dedicate some time to yourself. Dress up, put on some makeup, pursue a hobby, or anything else that makes you happy. You will not be able to care for your new family unless you are healthy and happy.

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