Last updated on April 27th, 2021

Pregnancy depression ?! Does it really exist ? OK, All said and done; pregnancy is supposed to be a happy phase in your life; at least it is meant to appear so. But, you are probably the only one who can feel the real storm of emotions inside you. One part of you is happy at the thought of creating a new life, and another part is full of fear and anxiety about what is to come. Many women also get conscious about their body. For a few, an unplanned pregnancy or a series of miscarriages might trigger negative emotions.

Such doubts and negative feelings during pregnancy feelings are absolutely normal because hormones make you an emotional wreck. So, don’t let them make you feel like an alien. What’s more important is that you should not let pregnancy depression take a toll on your mental health. In this short section, we will discuss tips to deal with mood swings and low spirits.

Maintain a Diary or Journal

Allowing the emotions to bottle up inside can make it hard to handle at a later stage. If you are not comfortable confiding in someone, you can make your diary your best friend. After writing down your thoughts, analyze them to know to understand the triggers.

Divert Your Mind

Whenever you feel stressed or depressed, sit down in a quiet room, and try to calm yourself. Meditation is the best option. If you are not the one who can sit still for a while, you could maybe go for a walk or listening to soothing music. Visualizing your future family might also help bring in a feeling of peace and tranquility. You can also do other things that interest you, such as gardening, shopping or take a bath. Try as much as possible to get out of the negativity.

Think Positive

Most of the expectant women who suffer pregnancy depression are those who have had fertility issues or have suffered miscarriages in the past. Your concerns are entirely justified. However, if not cut short at the start, they increase the chances of complications in your current pregnancy. Therefore, try to be positive. Talk yourself out of the superstitions. If you are concerned about your baby’s health, go for regular prenatal screenings, and discuss your queries with your doctor.Pregnancy Depression

Seek Support

Communication is the key to surviving the negative feelings. Talk to someone you can trust. Your husband will probably be the closest to you during the nine months. Don’t hesitate to share your feelings with him. You can also get help from your mother, sister, or friend who has been down this path before. Many women prefer joining discussion boards and groups for expectant mothers. It creates a powerful network because you will find several other women who are experiencing the same emotions as you. You can also do a mini-research on pregnancy or a particular issue you suffer. Being informed reduces some of the stress and anxiety.

Your Physical Health

The physical discomfort you feel during pregnancy is one of the many triggers of pregnancy depression. Therefore, taking care of your physical health can offer significant relief. Adopt a healthy diet to get an adequate supply of vitamins and nutrients. Make sure you give your body enough exercise. Talk to your doctor about the types of activities that are safe for you. Also, get enough sleep daily.

See a Therapist

Irrespective of how serious your anxiety and depression problem is, you should always keep your doctor in the know. If the negativity gets out of hand, if you go to the extent of hurting yourself or using banned substances, you should consider therapy. You can ask your obstetrician for a referral.

Above all, trust your body. It has been made to bear a child. Don’t let the worries weigh you down. Simply sit back and enjoy your pregnancy.

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