Last updated on April 27th, 2021

That shooting pain in your left temple trailing down to the nape of your neck is giving you a hard time. Ever since the first trimester, you’ve been experiencing headaches of varying intensity. The problem is they impact your ability to go about your daily activities. 

Let us discuss the various ways to ease a pregnancy headache without the use of medication. Also, find ways to prevent a headache.

Causes and Cures for Pregnancy Headaches

  1. Track down the triggering factors. Food items (owing to your highly sensitive sense of smell), strong perfumes, crowded spaces and several other factors could be the cause. Keep track of the triggers and try as much to avoid them.
  2. Relieving stress is a surefire method to tackle tension headaches. Deep breathing exercises, prenatal yoga, meditation, or other moderate exercise forms will help relax the mind and body. A head massage with warm oil will also help. You can also engage yourself in an activity that interests you the most.
  3. Lowered blood sugar is also a trigger for pregnancy headaches. Thus, maintaining stable blood sugar levels is the key to preventing headaches. It would be best if you never went without a meal. Instead of eating one large meal, eat many small meals at regular intervals. This will not only help tackle throbbing headaches but also help with digestive problems brought on by pregnancy. Again, drink plenty of water.
  4. Exercise also contributes mostly to reduce the frequency of headaches during pregnancy. Try to maintain an active lifestyle. Perform light aerobic exercise. If not at least go for a regular walk.Pregnancy Headaches
  5. Among the other causative factors of pregnancy, headaches are inadequate sleep and rest. Set a proper sleep schedule. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Once your body clock gets tuned, you will not have much difficulty falling asleep at night. Also, experiment with different sleeping positions to determine which will be the most comfortable if you feel tired and washed out, rest. Sleep if there is sufficient time. Oversleeping is also not recommended.
  6. Rest to get relief from a pounding headache—an entirely darkened room with lull you to sleep. You will notice that light worsens your headache.
  7. Massage your temples. Place your fingers at both your temples and rub gently. Ask your hubby or family member to massage your head, shoulders and neck. Massage your head with hot oil. It relieves tension and pain.
  8. You can also use compresses – hot and cold. Apply a cold compress at the back of your neck or a hot compress to your eyes, temples and forehead.
  9. If you suffer frequent and very severe headaches, you should consult your doctor. He will prescribe a pain reliever that does not have adverse effects on the developing fetus. Do not take any herbal formulas or medication without your doctor’s advice.
  10. Avoid bending postures – slouching or slumping for prolonged periods of time.
  11. Nasal congestion is common in pregnancy. Many-a-times nasal congestions are the cause of pregnancy headaches. Steam inhalation should help in this regard.


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