From the moment a woman learns of her pregnancy, she finds herself grappling with a new set of worries. Some of these pregnancy jitters are completely valid and deserve a thought. But, also lurking in this crowd are a few illogical and irrational fears. They find their origin in myths, past experiences or let’s blame it on the hormones.

Check out 8 biggest pregnancy fears right here. Also learn how to cope with them.


A vast majority of women confess that their biggest fear during those fragile nine months is miscarriage. They dread the end of a pregnancy.

This concern is totally warranted. However, woman should also note that the rate of miscarriages is less than 20%. Besides, the risk of miscarriage is higher during the first 12 weeks. Once you’ve crossed the first trimester, you can put the fear of miscarriage aside as the risk is dramatically reduced.

Physical Deformities

Trailing behind miscarriage is the fear of physical deformities. Mothers-to-be are constantly worried about the healthy growth and development of their unborn baby.

Statistics state that the percentage of babies born with physical defects is only 3% that is 3 in every 100. This includes both major and minor defects. In addition to this, modern imaging equipment helps spot and correct birth defects at the right time. So, don’t worry everything will be fine.

Will I remain fat forever

Weight gain is another major concern. Pregnant women believe that they will never be able to shed the weight gained during pregnancy.

In comparison to miscarriages and birth defects, this is something you can actually control. Try to maintain healthy weight pregnancy. After child birth, you can get back into shape with a steady diet and regular exercise. Don’t let the baby weight trouble you even before the baby arrives. You can always harp about it after childbirth.

What if I am a bad mother

Many expectant mothers spend hours doubting their parenting skills. What if I prove to be a bad mother? What if I cannot give my children a happy childhood? What if I fail to offer the love and affection by child seeks? What if…

Hold that train of thoughts. Nobody comes into this world perfect. Every thing has a first time, but we learn. It is going to be the same in motherhood. Whether it is feeding your baby, swaddling him after a bath, changing a diaper or hushing a squealing baby to sleep, you will figure it out soon. There will be bumps in the road, but don’t let them bother you. Learn from your mistakes.

Painful Labor and Delivery

This fear usually sets in as a woman approaches her due date. They are apprehensive of the intense pain and the long hours of labor. They find it hard to choose between the natural childbirth and a C-Section. 

You can enroll for childbirth classes. The childbirth educators brief you about the complete childbirth process. They not only teach you how to relieve labor pains but also how to be more confident and in better control during delivery.

It will hurt the baby

This thought crosses a mother’s mind several times a day – when she eats food, when she’s trying to sleep or when performing a particular activity. Mothers-to-be always think that in everything that they do they might harm their baby. The most common one we’ve heard is “I might squash my baby if I sleep on my stomach”. Many women abstain from sex for this same reason.

When you first test for pregnancy, your doctor will give you a list of do’s and don’ts. And as long as you stick to the list there is no need to worry.

Wetting your pants in Public

Incontinence sure is another major issue in pregnancy. A laugh, sneeze or cough will cause you to leak. But, it will not be as bad as draining your pants completely. To avoid an embarrassing situation, wear panty liners. Use the bathroom whenever you feel the urge to go. 

Facial changes

Slight swelling on the face and hands is also common during pregnancy. It is caused by the hormonal fluctuations and water retention.

If you look into the mirror and realize you’re looking like a plump pumpkin, don’t worry the swelling will subside after childbirth once the hormones return to normal levels

So, don’t let these thoughts freak you out more than they should. The secret to a safe and healthy pregnancy lies in dispelling your fears and enjoying this journey of impending motherhood. If you still find it hard to drown the thoughts, discuss it with your partner or health care provider.

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