When The Actual Conception Takes Place

This is the time when the real action starts. Although you can still not be declared pregnant (it will happen only towards the end). What would interest you though is that this is the time the sex of your baby will get determined. Let’s look at all the changes that are happening at this time of your pregnancy.

The Changes Happening In The Body

The levels of progesterone start increasing at a higher rate resulting in the thickening of the uterus. This lining of the uterus will be responsible for the nourishment of your baby throughout the pregnancy. Apart from that, a number of small small blood vessels form in the uterus and the body starts secreting FSH, Follicle stimulating hormones. The role of FSH is to help an egg to get mature. The egg is still in the ovaries where it’s getting ripped and once its completely ripened ovaries will release it in the uterus for further growth.

There are million of sperms that are waiting for forming an egg but only a few of them can reach to the Fallopian tube. One of these sperms gets fertilized and forms an egg. You might be aware of the fact that chromosomes determine the sex of the baby. If an X chromosome of sperm gets fertilize with an X of ovum the baby will be a girl and if the Y chromosome of sperm gets fused with X of female it will be a boy.

The physical changes in the body are so slight that they go unnoticeable most of the time. Some women though its too early start feeling symptoms of pregnancy but then also its very slight.

If you have not started taking folic acid or other supplements so as to protect your baby from various defects maybe it’s time to do so.

It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it that although it will take you months before you know about the sex of your baby but the issue gets solved at the first step of conception. So maybe it’s time to try all your methods to determine the sex of the baby before you ovulate or when you are ovulating.

Eating well is always important in the course of pregnancy. Once you have decided that you are ready to get pregnant, making your eating habits perfect would be the best thing you can do for your child.


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