The first few months were dedicated to the development of the organs. A few weeks later, the body systems started chugging. This week your baby has taken another leap. In the 25th week, your little one is learning to co-ordinate body movements. 

Baby Development

During the 25th week of pregnancy, your baby measures more than 13 inches in length and weighs around 1½ pounds. This is the average weight and length at this gestational age and may vary slightly. 

As fat continues to build up under the skin, the baby exchanges it’s long and skinny frame for a chubbier, distinctly formed one. The wrinkled skin also gets smoother. The nostrils which were once sealed open up. The bald scalp also develops a fine coat of hair. A closer look will reveal its color and texture. The baby’s sense of hearing is completely developed by the 24th week. Hence, you need to be careful about the noises around you. Loud noises may startle your little one. 

The baby now follows a proper sleep schedule. You will notice that your baby is more active during some time in the day and less active during others. If your partner puts his ear against your belly, he might be able to hear a faint heartbeat. 

The tiny capillaries continue to form this week. Capillaries play a vital role in the body. They carry blood from the heart to the tissues. This week also witnesses the development of blood vessels and air sacs in the baby’s lungs. The blood coursing through the umbilical cord and the placenta regulate your baby’s body temperature. 

Though growing gradually, your baby still has sufficient space to move around in its aqueous environment. To add, are the fast developing nerve connections. They enable coordinative capabilities. The leg muscles enable it to kick. The hands can form a fist. 

Changes to your body

Your hair grows thicker and lustrous. Also, the amount of facial hair increases. More good news is your hair will fall out less. The hormones delay the resting phase. However, be prepared for hair fall in large amounts post delivery once the hormones return to normalcy. Your skin glows. 

The not-so good symptoms of the 25th week are fatigue, dizziness, constipation and heartburn. You may also be spending more time in the bathroom than you would expect. You’ve gained weight too but at a steady rate. You may also experience a slight tingling sensation in the palms. The breasts are preparing for breastfeeding. The milk producing glands have enlarged. Not only this, the skin around the areola and nipples have also changed in color and texture. 

Best Pregnancy Tips for the 25th Week

  • Light to moderate exercise such as yoga and walking will help maintain flexibility and deal with leg, hip and back pain. However, you need to consult your doctor and follow a few safety guidelines when undertaking pregnancy exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water when exercising.
  • If you have not taken the glucose screening test, get it done. Your doctor may also ask you to get a blood test done to test for iron deficiency. If you have iron deficiency, the doctor will put you on an iron supplement.
  • Connect with your loved ones on an emotional and physical level.
  • Take time to connect and bond with your baby. Your little one can hear you clearly and may also respond to your voice.
  • If you have still not written your birth plan, now could be the best time to do it. List the specifics on the type of birth.
  • You may also want to discuss your maternity leave with your boss. 

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