A week more and you will be in the last leg of your pregnancy. While your baby is busy exploring the limited territory of your womb flexing his legs, sucking his fingers and opening his eyes, you are going to experience some new symptoms too. Here’s what the 27th week of pregnancy has in store for you.

Baby’s Development

Your baby is adding more fat to his skeletal frame and weighs a little more than 2 pounds. If we were to compare, he is roughly the size of the head of a cauliflower. In terms of length/ height, he measures around 14 ½ inches. The growing fetus takes on a curled position to accommodate itself in the limited space. However, this does not restrict its movement.

One important change to note is that your little one is getting into a sleep cycle. He is more active at some times during the day and less at others.

The hiccups have been there for a while, but around the 27th week you can actually see and feel them. It is not the hic-hic sound you will hear. Fetal hiccup literally cause your tummy to jump because your little one’s trachea is filled with fluid and not air like we have.  You needn’t worry about hiccups as they subside on their own in a few minutes. Also, they are not troubling your baby.

At this stage, your munchkin is also probably developing his tastes for food. The tastes buds are already developed and he can taste the varied flavors – hot, sweet and sour – through the amniotic fluid. In fact, hiccupping is one of the many ways in which he responds to a change in flavors.

The auditory development continues through this stage. Nonetheless, the sounds are still not very distinct because of the vermix coating the ears.

Changes to Your Body

As if the backaches were not enough, you now have to deal with leg cramps. Again it is because of the extra weight you are carrying around. There is excess pressure on the veins and nerves in the lower part of your body. The swelling on the feet and ankles only tends to get worse as your baby grows bigger. Don’t be surprised if your belly button turns inside out. If will go back to normal after delivery. ‘

Many women at this stage also complain about feeling gassy. Avoid foods that cause gas and bloating. You might feel faint and dizzy. Bleeding gums, itchy belly and a stuffy nose are some of the other symptoms you might experience.

Tips for the 27th Week

  • This could also be the best time to start reading and singing to your baby.
  • If you experience a leg cramp, simply stretch your leg outward and flex your toes inwards, toward your shin. You could also massage your leg to get some relief.
  • Drink a lot of water as dehydration might actually make muscle cramps worse.
  • If at any time you feel lightheaded, just rest and put your feet up.
  • Use a moisturizer on your belly to relive the itching.
  • Talk to your doctor if the swelling on the extremities appears to be excessive. It might be a sign of preeclampsia.

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