The 28th week marks the start of the last trimester. You’ve started stocking up the nursery, writing out your birth plan and making a list of the things you will likely carry to the hospital in preparation of the birth. But, you’re not only one getting ready for D-day. Your little one is working hard on his end too.

Baby’s Development

The fetus is gaining weight at a rapid rate. Fat makes up 2-3 percent of his body weight. Your little one weighs 2 ½ pounds and has grown by another half inch in length measuring almost 15 inches.

At 28 weeks, most of your baby’s senses have matured. He can open and close his eyes and can sense any light passing through. If only you could get to see a picture of the fetus, you’ll be amazed to see those fine eyelashes bordering his eyelids. His tiny eyes can also produce tears. The senses of taste, hearing and smell have also developed greatly. These are the tools your little one will use to register varied sensory experiences once he is out.

Further, he is adding to his skill set by learning how to breathe, suck, swallow and cough. The hiccups also become more common. The body is putting finish touches on the brain adding billions of neurons daily. Are you plagued by weird dreams?  Your baby has probably started dreaming too; only we can’t tell what those dreams are about. By this stage of pregnancy, the baby has also moved into the birthing position sitting head facing downwards.

Changes to Your Body

Weight gain is the most conspicuous change to your body at the 28th week. Your growing belly is making you uncomfortable, making it hard for you to sleep. Your back is sore and the pain only seems to increase instead of getting less. Your baby’s kicking more often especially at night (maybe your baby’s doing the nightshift) making it hard for you to sleep. The swelling on your feet and around the ankles continues to increase. The summer heat (if it’s the summer season) can make you feel faint and dizzy. Women also tend to feel more tired than usual.

Most women complain of sciatica by this stage. It is a sharp shooting pain that starts in the buttock and travels all the way down the back of your leg. Your baby’s head-down position might be pressing down on the sciatic nerve. The pain is a nagging pain that causes a lot of discomfort.  Chloasma or mask of pregnancy is another new symptom you might experience. It is hyper pigmentation caused by an increase in pregnancy hormones. It might result in darker freckles and patchy skin. Women also develop linea nigra the dark line that runs down the center of your tummy.

Best Pregnancy Tips for the 28th Week

  • Doctor/midwife visits become more frequent. It’s once every two weeks from here.
  • Use a heating pad or drizzle some warm water on your leg to get relief from sciatica.
  • Avoiding standing for long periods of time as it can get you dizzy.
  • Get some exercise. It helps relieve the discomfort you experience and also goes a long way in preparing you for the birth.  
  • Keep the body well hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
  • If your glucose test reading was high the first time, your doctor might recommend another glucose test.
  • Many couples start discussing circumcision if they are having a boy.
  • This is also when expectant women, those Rh-negative, will get the Rh immunoglobulin shot.

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