The fetal development has really picked up speed. All the organs, senses and functions that are a must for your baby to survive independently are all in place. His body is only adding the finishing touches, improving and enhancing them. So, should your baby arrive earlier than expected, there are chances he might survive without external support or might require it to the minimum.

Baby’s Development

In terms of weight at 29 weeks, he is a little over 2 ½ pounds and taller than 15 inches measured from head to heel. For many babies, the height is between 15 inches and 17 inches. The fetal length will remain more or less constant hereafter, but he will continue to add weight in the form of white fat. Many babies double their weight in the last trimester. Brown fat is the fat between the organs while white fat is the fat beneath the skin. The accumulation of fat beneath the skin makes it appear less wrinkly.

There is a sizeable increase in the size of the head because of his growing brain. Brain wave activity can be witnessed in his regular sleep schedules and rhythmic breathing. Your little one’s body is also adept at controlling body temperature. The baby’s bones have developed, but they are still quite soft. The skeletal frame starts hardening at this stage resulting in a rapid depletion of your calcium reserves. One of the major developments during this week is the setting in of the permanent teeth buds. These will show up after your baby’s milk teeth have fallen out.

Changes to your Body

You will suffer more of heartburn and constipation. It could be on account of your growing belly pressing down on your stomach or a slow digestion playing mischief. Slow digestion is the result of progesterone relaxing the muscle tissues in the body including the gastrointestinal tract. It might further perpetuate problems such as gas and bloating.

Many women at this stage suffer hemorrhoids. You notice your nails are growing faster than usual. Migraines also become more recurrent at this stage. The increasing pressure on the uterus might also mean more trips to the bathroom. Your breast feels tender and full. It is the prolactin that is causing the breasts to secret Colostrum. It might make your bra damp. You will feel the kicks and jabs more distinctly as the space is crowding up. He might also use them to respond to some external stimuli. 

Best Pregnancy Tips for the 29th Week

  1. The rapid growth increases the nutritional demands. Therefore, you’ll need to get a lot of iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin C and proteins. Drink a lot of milk; eat yoghurt and other calcium rich foods.
  2. This is a good time to start counting kicks. It is fun to do and will also tell you how your little one’s doing inside. After all, less activity than usual could be a sign of a problem. Your doctor will tell you how to keep count.
  3. Eat a fiber rich-diet and drink a lot of water to get relief from constipation.
  4. If you suffer hemorrhoids, sit in a sitz bath or use a cold compress. Let your doctor know if you suffer bleeding.
  5. You should do light exercises as you tend to feel more fatigued and dizzy.
  6. Stock up on nursing bras, breast pads, diapers, wipes and sanitary napkins.

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