This period is described as an implantation period of pregnancy. A lot is going in the womb and your baby is growing at a very fast pace. After conception the fertilized egg is known as a blastocyst. The blastocyst is actually a very tiny ball which will turn out to be your baby after 9 months of care and nurturing. This ball consists of cells in hundreds of numbers and gets implanted in your uterus after moving from the Fallopian tube where your ovary had met its sperm. Now your uterus will be the permanent residence of the blastocyst till its ready to come out in this beautiful world.

Growth of the baby during third week of pregnancy

The placenta will develop at this stage and it will start sending signals to he uterus for not shedding the lining in form of menstruation. This act is done by producing HCG, also known as human chorionic gonadotropin. The hormone is also known as the pregnancy hormone as its this hormone that triggers the growth of the placenta and produce progesterone and oestrogen in large amount.

The secretion of HCG in urine is what confirms the pregnancy when you take a home pregnancy test or get it confirmed by the doctor.

The changes in the body

Apart from HCG secretion, the uterus is also preparing itself to have a baby in it for the next few weeks. The blastocyst is getting covered with amniotic fluid at this time in the amniotic sac. The role of amniotic sac and fluid is to protect and nurture your baby inside the womb. Amniotic fluid performs the most important function of providing the blastocyst at this stage and baby during growth, with oxygen, and other important nutrients.

Complication during week 3 of pregnancy

A few women might experience slight spotting at this stage. This is known as implantation spotting and is nothing to worry about. It happens because the uterine lining gets pierced by the egg when its entering in the uterus resulting in slight spotting. But you don’t really need to worry about that because very few women actually notice it.

A few women start having a more pronounced sense of smell at this stage. Although there is no reason scientifically to explain this but nevertheless a lot of theories can be heard about the same.

Also there are a few early pregnancy symptoms that you might experience. These involve feeling tired all the time or you feel your breasts are aching. Some of the women also feel mood swings. But if you think you are getting crazy please give yourself a rest. These are just early pregnancy symptoms that will fade away with time.

Things you can do –

This is the time when you can stop all those diet regimes you follow and eat healthy. You can still continue with your basic exercises, including using a treadmill and aerobic exercises.. But all this only if they are already a part of your workout regime. Don’t start any rigorous exercise at this time/ also remember to make sure your heart rate remains under 140 and body temperature remains below 102 degrees. You would also do better if you quit sauna for a few months now.

Take care of yourself by eating right and taking your vitamins. To summarize everything, you are just a few weeks pregnant. Although you don’t need to bring your life upside down but take care to make it pregnancy friendly as much as possible.

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