By now you have a nice rounded belly announcing your pregnancy. No doubt your baby is growing bigger and the quarters are getting tighter. However, your size is also because of the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus; there’s almost a pint and half in there.

Baby’s Development

Your baby’s between 15.5 inches and 16 inches long now and weighs a whopping 3 pounds; in some it could be well a little over 3 pounds. Medicos state that the rate at which your fetus packs pounds in the next couple of weeks until delivery is around half a pound per week.

One of the major developments during this week is that the baby’s bone marrow has started making red blood cells. The work on the brain continues during this week and will continue even after birth. The network of nerves is already in place. The smooth surface of the brain now takes on a wrinkly and curvy look. Remember the grooves and indentations on the brain diagram in science class? This process enables the brain to accommodate more tissue.

I am not sure if you recollect, but during the earlier days the fetus had developed its own mechanism that is Lanugo to regulate body temperature. Lanugo is the soft, fine whitish hair on the body forming a nice warm furry coat for your baby. With a good padding of fat cells under the skin and the commencement of brain function, the fetus is in a better position to regulate body temperature. Therefore, around this time the Lanugo starts diminishing.

Carrying forward from last week, the senses continue to develop and get more refined. Most babies move into the cephalic position (birth position) by now. If yours hasn’t don’t worry. There is still plenty of time to get there.

Changes to Your Body

It is normal to feel less movement this week. Probably, there’s not much room for those mischievous somersaults you experienced during the earlier trimesters. You’ll feel a little more lethargic than you usually do. It is because of the extra weight you’re lugging around as well as lack of proper sleep. With the baby’s head pressing down on your bladder, you’ll probably be making more trips to the bathroom. The breasts feel tender too. For women, suffering hemorrhoids, it might get worse. The expanding uterus crowding your belly will leave you breathless. More of a forewarning for to-be-fathers – don’t be surprised if the mood swings are back.

Best Pregnancy Tips for the 30th Week

  1. Steer clear of spicy and oily foods as they make heartburn worse.
  2. Eat smaller meals at regular intervals instead of large meals to avoid indigestion.
  3. Ditch the heels and go for flats. The shift in your center of gravity might get you all wobbly. Flats are also a good option for swollen feet and an aching back.
  4. Try to change the sleeping position to make sure you are comfortable at night.
  5. Make sure you rub a good amount of moisturizer on your bump to do away with the intense itching. Creams containing Vitamin E and Cocoa butter are the best. Avoid soaps loaded with chemicals.
  6. If you are libido is high, if you and your partner feel like it and if your doctor has not advised against it, you can have sexual intercourse.

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