A few weeks ago, you’d jump at every kick or somersault you could feel sometimes letting others touch your tummy to experience the same. At this stage, you of course will be able to feel more movement, but it is light; just a few rolls, taps and squirms here and there. With your little one growing taller and fatter, there is obviously less room for his antics.

Baby’s Development

At 32 weeks, your baby weighs almost 3 ¾ pounds and is between 16.5 to 17.5 inches long; babies grow and develop at different rates when it comes to weight and height. It depends largely on the nourishment they receive.  The increasing fat padding under the skin makes your bambino look chubbier (waiting to pull those chubby cheeks, I hope?). He has tiny toenails and fingernails and has also probably grown some hair. The skin is smooth, less crinkly and opaque.

Once he’s out, there’s going to be a line of visitors each waiting their turn to see him, play with him, carry him and talk to him.  He probably has an inkling and so is resting it out as much as he can.  His naps are many of 20-40 minutes each.

When he is awake, he is busy preparing himself for his life outside the womb practicing how to suck, breathe and swallow. Right upto birth, your little one depends on the umbilical cord for his nourishment. However, by now the digestive system is fully functional to make the transition to milk feed. The rapid eye movements detected in fetal brain scans indicate that your baby dreams in his sleep.

Talking about fetal position, he can no longer stand and takes the curled up position going head-down and bottom up. This position is the most convenient in childbirth. However, a few babies are also born breech, that is in bottoms-down and head up position.

Changes to your Body

As you get nearer to your due date, the focus is more on the mother than the child. The pregnancy discomforts have reached their peak. You look heavily pregnant with your bulging belly and the oodles of weight you’ve probably added in the past few months. The problems of heartburn and shortness of breath only get worse with the uterus pushing up against your stomach. Many women complain of loss of appetite for the same reason. The stretch marks are finally here. If it comforts you, almost 85% women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. It is also hard to control an itching belly.

Best Pregnancy Tips for the 32nd Week

  • Many start seeing a few hard-to-explain dreams. They are the pregnancy hormones playing on your head and have no need to worry.
  • Eat a lot of protein as it is integral for healthy fetal development.
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals to keep the energy levels high and avoid acid reflux and indigestion.
  • If the hemorrhoids are giving you a tough time, speak to your doctor.  He might prescribe an ointment. You can also use an ice pack for relief.
  • Monitor the heart rate when you exercise.
  • You might want to brief yourself on the possible signs of labor such as contractions, vaginal bleeding, water breaking, pain in the lower back and menstrual cramps-like pain. This is just in case your baby plans to arrive earlier than expected.
  • Women don’t feel too comfortable having sexual intercourse at this stage. Tell your partner if you are not up to it.
  • You might want to call in your parents or in-laws for some help after the baby is born. You should also decide by now who will be with you during the birthing process.

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