As you wait to cuddle your bundle of joy in your hands, you can do nothing but wait to see how he grows and how your progressing pregnancy changes your body bringing in more discomfort along. Here’s what the 33rd week of pregnancy has in store for you and your baby.

Baby’s Development

Speaking about weight, your little one has added almost ½ pound from last week weighing a little over 4 pounds.  He has also crossed the 17 inch mark. The fetus will likely add another inch or more in the next couple of weeks. If asked to equate the size of your baby to an external object, he is roughly the size of a pineapple. A growing baby means a lesser amount of amniotic fluid inside your uterus. The low amniotic fluid level is one of the reasons you can feel sharp and distinct jabs and pokes.

At this stage, your baby is actually just waiting to make his debut. So, in the meanwhile he is busy looking for ways to while away his time. He sleeps, he sucks, he kicks and breathes. He can distinguish between day and night. The eyes are shut tight when he is asleep and wide open when he is awake. He has also started blinking. As your belly grows, the uterine walls become thinner. So, if you flash a light in the direction of your tummy, you will probably get a kick back telling you to stop doing it.

The skin is no longer wrinkled and transparent. The skeletal frame is hardening. However, the bones making up the skull are still soft and have not fused together; they tend to overlap slightly. This is to allow easy passage through the birth canal during delivery. These bones will continue to grow and fuse along with other brain tissue right through infancy and adulthood.

The highlight of this week is the fetal immune system. Your baby’s body is building its own immune system by borrowing a few antibodies from you.

Changes to Your Body

These last few weeks spell a lot of discomfort for you. Gear up for some sleepless nights. There are several factors responsible for it – hormonal changes, an extra large belly, leg cramps, backaches and increasing bathroom runs.

You will realize that you are not only struggling to get into the right sleeping position but also finding it hard to sit comfortably. You might be dealing with painful varicose veins. Don’t worry they will get better after birth.  While your hair has never looked more beautiful, the same can be said about nails. You will notice they grow faster than usual. You will find yourself short of breath doing even the least strenuous exercises. Also, don’t bother the clumsiness and forgetfulness; they are a part and parcel of pregnancy.

Many mothers report getting anxious about the birth and about coping after birth.  You can speak to your doula or the guide at a childbirth class about it.

Best Pregnancy Tips for the 33rd Week

  • Sleepless nights might leave you restless and fatigued. Try to get naps in between to make up for your sleep requirement. Try to go to bed early. Avoid eating very heavy meals for dinner, drinking water or exercising just before going to bed.
  • Try moving around more rather than sitting or sleeping in one position for prolonged periods of time.
  • Soak in a warm bath before you bump into bed. It will give relief from the all the aches and pains and also help you sleep better.
  • You have to monitor your baby’s fetal movements to tell if everything is alright inside.
  • If you’re a husband reading this post to get some relief for your wife, try a leg or shoulder massage. It’s both relaxing and romantic.
  • And, at this stage, if you still feel like having sex and if you have your doctor’s nod for it, go for the reverse missionary position with the woman on top. It gives you better control on the pace and pressure.

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