The 35th week of pregnancy is a mixed bag. On the one hand, you’re happy that your baby is growing bigger and healthier lasting it out to the end of the term. However, the urinary incontinence, leaky breasts and belches and burps are setting you up in some really embarrassing situations.

Baby’s Development

The baby stands tall at 19 inches and weighs over 5 pounds. Fetal weight gain will continue right up till delivery. The weight gain comprises more of baby fat with it amounting to at least 15 – 20 percent of the total body weight. This makes your baby plump and chubby. Your little one has exhausted the space in the womb and hence finds it hard to move around freely. However, there must be a consistency in the number of kicks.

Speaking about physical development – the eyes, the ears, the nose, the skin, limbs, the hair and the digits are all well formed. The internal organs are also gradually gearing up for their functions outside the womb. The kidneys have developed. The liver has started processing wastes in small amounts. The baby’s brain power is developing at a mindboggling speed. It is also increasing rapidly in size and weight exerting more pressure on your bladder. No wonder it is hard to control the urge to use the bathroom. The skull however remains soft to allow ease in delivery.

If your baby is born at 35 weeks, there shouldn’t be any complications.

Changes to your Body

The expanding uterus, it sits just under your rib cage, has started crowding your internal organs including your stomach and your bladder.  It is to blame for indigestion and heartburn as well as frequent urination. You might also loose bladder control when you laugh, cough or sneeze. In addition to loosening your joints, the pregnancy hormones also thicken the mucous membranes resulting in a stuffy nose. You might experience occasional headaches either because of indigestion, lack of sleep or being overheated.  The varicose veins on your legs begin to ache and itch. In many women, the gums become very sensitive and bleed easily. You might also feel a slight tightening of the stomach muscles now and then. Those are Braxton Hicks contractions; dummy contractions to prepare you for real labor.

Best Pregnancy Tips for 35th Week

  • You will make a visit to your doctor every week.
  • At this stage in your pregnancy, you will be asked to undergo the test for Group B Streptococci. If you pass it to your child during birth, there are chances he might develop meningitis or pneumonia.
  • If you still haven’t created one, this is a good time to write out your birth plan. There are various ready templates online that enlist the important issues to be dealt with.
  • You might also want to get a little clearer about your drive to the hospital once you go into labor for instance what will be the shortest route to take, where do you get to park your car and the hospital entry points during the afterhours.
  • Make larger quantities of food and freeze it in containers so that you have enough stock for after your baby’s born. You might also want to enquire about the different places that offer takeouts in the neighborhood.
  • Drink a lot of fluids even if that means more trips to the bathroom. Wear a panty liner to deal with bladder inconsistency issues.
  • Do Kegel exercises. They will not only strengthen the pelvic muscles in preparation of labor, but also give you better control over your bladder.
  • If this is your first pregnancy, get a birth doula. She can be of great help during labor with the relaxation and breathing techniques she advises.

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