While your doctor still doesn’t consider you full term, D-day could be any day now. You’re finally going to meet your baby, YAY! Another bonus: Pregnancy is also going to end soon! So, you’ve got a lot of counting to do. Make note of the kicks and side-by-side don’t forget to count the hours.

Your Baby’s Development

By the 37th week, your baby is already ready for the outside world. If he is born now, there is every chance he is going to be healthy and without any complications. Nonetheless, a few more weeks in the womb will only make him stronger. The fetus’ brain and lungs have an opportunity to reach full maturity. His lungs are currently full of amniotic fluid as he inhales and exhales tiny bits during his breathing practice sessions.

Speaking about dimensions, your bambino weighs around 6 pounds or more and measures a little over 20 inches from head to heel. He is still packing on pounds and will continue to do so if he plans on lazing around a bit longer. Your baby’s head is really huge now compared to where it started out. To add, some babies only have a peach fuzz while others are born with a full head of hair. You will feel the flutters and the kicks. Don’t forget to count the kicks. You might also feel him moving from side-to-side.

Changes to your Body

You will hear of two new scientific terms on your next visit to the doctor – Dilation and effacement.  Dilation basically refers to the extent to which the cervix has opened up in addition to the consistency of the cervix. Measured in centimeters, you must be 10 centimeters dilated for the baby to pass through. Effacement is measuring how thing your cervix is. Your doctor will also measure how low your baby has moved. These three factors together will help estimate a delivery date.

You will notice the Braxton Hicks contractions getting more frequent.  There is an increase in vaginal discharge around this time. If it is spotted with blood, it could be the mucous plus; an indication that labor is not far away. If you have heavy bleeding, contact your doctor immediately.

If you’ve been suffering edema all the while, by the 37th week your ankles are lost to the swelling. You can barely distinguish them. Indigestion, heartburn and flatulence have like become your daily companions.  To add, it is harder to walk, move and sleep. Many expectant women complain about seeing strange dreams. Don’t worry! The pregnancy hormones, the fear of becoming a parent and the anxiety tied to labor are all messing with your head.

Best Pregnancy Tips for the 37th Week

  • Recheck to see if you have discussed all the hospital procedures with your health care provider.
  • Stock up on diapers. You will need loads of them and will be too tired to go out shopping.
  • Enlist the help of a friend or relative who can help out in the house after your delivery.
  • It is important that both you and your partner understand the different between real labor and the Braxton hicks contractions.
  • Many experts suggest massaging the perineum. It will help if you are having a natural birth.
  • For the guys, you are going to play a major role in the birth too. Look for ways you will use to distract your partner once she goes into labor.
  • Try your best to catch up on some sleep. It is already tough and it is going to get harder.
  • Drink as much water as you can.  It will be the cure all for all the discomfort you experience including edema, indigestion, fatigue and flatulence.

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