At this stage, you’re actually looking forward to the moment when you will be able to cuddle your little bambino and shower him with kisses. And, it’s getting a little annoying because there is no action yet. The Braxton Hicks Contractions make you feel like you are almost there, but then like always it is a false alarm. Don’t worry! It won’t be long from here.

Baby’s Development

The only major development this week for your baby is weight gain. He is close to a whopping 7 pounds. His height has not changed much in the past week because most of the growth taken place in the past few weeks. It is safe to say that growth is complete. The skin has plumped well. The greasy vermix and hairy Lanugo is seen in smaller quantities as it is being shed continuously. All the organ systems are in place and a few of them have already commenced function.

Changes to your Body

Just as your baby is preparing for his life outside the womb, your body is preparing for D-day. Cervical dilation and effacement may or not have started. By now the baby is dropped into the pelvis. This makes it easier to breathe but has increased the pressure in the pelvis making it harder to walk. The baby’s head pressing down on the bladder makes it harder to control it.

Leaky breasts are also another major issue for many pregnant women. In addition to feeling heavy and tender, the breaks leak Colostrum in small quantities.

Swollen feet and ankles is a common symptom at this stage. However, you must inform your medical practitioner immediately if the swelling increases or if you notice swelling on the hands or puffiness around the eyes. This coupled with blurred vision, light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, upper abdominal pain and intense headaches are signs of preeclampsia.

Best Pregnancy Tips for the 38th Week

  • If you been give another week, don’t waste it. Use it to complete some last minutes tasks, those you forgot amidst all the other preparations.
  • Spend as much time as possible with your hubby or partner. There is someone coming to share his love and attention and you don’t want him to feel neglected.
  • Nursing does come naturally to women, but there are a few who struggle. You can read up a bit on breastfeeding a newborn. Later, when you deliver, you can also get help at the birth center. Don’t feel shy to voice your concerns.
  • If you have a lot of time on your hands and don’t know what to do, read up some books on parenting and baby care.
  • Stock up on nursing pads. Wear the nursing pads in your bra to keep your clothes from getting soaked.
  • You will be too tired to dish out meals once junior is out. Believe me; it is going to be the last thing on your mind. So, make sure your refrigerator is well-stocked.
  • Get a list of phone numbers of the people you will like to inform once your baby is born.
  • Are you unable to tell if you are in labor or not? If they stop when you change positions and if they are irregular, they are Braxton Hicks Contractions not labor. If the contractions get longer and closer like a pattern, you better hurry to the hospital; you are in labor.
  • Exercise a bit. It will help you when you get down to pushing.
  • However, also take rest and take it easy with the household chores.

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